IPL predictions

IPL predictions

PBKS vs LSG: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
This Friday in the IPL, the Lucknow Super Giants will be determined to return to their winning form as they make their way to Mohali to go head-to-head with the Punjab Kings.
28/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
RR vs CSK: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
The upcoming mid-week match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals is sure to be an exciting one, as both teams will be determined to secure a victory.
27/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
RCB vs KKR: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
In the upcoming IPL 2023 mid-week clash at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, the Royal Challengers Bangalore are hoping to extend their current winning streak as they face off against the Kolkata Knight Riders.
26/04/2023, at 19:30 GMT Indian Premier League
GT vs MI: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
The Gujarat Titans are eager to continue their winning streak as they prepare to face off against the Mumbai Indians in the 35th match of the current season of the Indian Premier League
25/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
SRH vs DC: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
Monday's match at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium will be a crucial one for both the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Delhi Capitals, as they currently occupy the bottom two spots on the IPL 2023 points table.
24/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
RCB vs RR: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
Match number 32 of the Indian Premier League is set to see a thrilling clash between the Rajasthan Royals and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. With both teams having faced each other 28 times in the past,…
23/04/2023, at 15:30 GMT Indian Premier League
KKR vs CSK: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
This Sunday, the Kolkata Knight Riders are set to host the Chennai Super Kings at the iconic Eden Gardens. Both teams will be hoping to put on a good show and come out with a win.
23/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
MI vs PBKS: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
IPL 2023: Match 31, MI vs PBKS Match Prediction – Who will win today’s IPL match between MI vs PBKS?
22/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League
LSG vs GT: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
The upcoming IPL 2023 match between the Gujarat Titans and the Lucknow Super Giants promises to be an exciting one as the Titans aim to bounce back from their recent losses. The match will be held at the…
22/04/2023, at 15:30 GMT Indian Premier League
CSK vs SRH: prediction for the match of the IPL | Odds2win
The Chennai Super Kings are in good form and they will be looking to continue their winning streak when they face off against the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL.
21/04/2023, at 19:30 GMTIndian Premier League


Cricket is one of the few non-Olympic sports that bookmakers accept bets on. Cricket is most popular in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. However, it has long been known that India literally worships cricket and created an advanced economy around this sport. This makes IPL predictions a powerful and demanding tool for bettors from India, as well as worldwide.

IPL was founded only 13 years ago. Its first tournament started on April 1, 2008. Over the years, the Indian Premier League has developed surprisingly quickly on the local market even with periodic serious problems with the image. The IPL management managed to maintain significant growth in key audit and financial indicators due to the mega-popularity of cricket (there are five and a half thousand professional players with more than a billion Indians interested in cricket).

Games are played in a shortened Twenty20 format. They last an average of three and a half hours. This not so much for cricket because the games of another format (One-Day-International) usually take at least five to six hours. Exactly after the launching of T20 in 2003 Indian cricket began to gain commercial appeal. And now, April and May 2021 are going to be very hot times not only for game fans but also for bettors seeking IPL match predictions to make winning bets.

What is IPL Prediction?

The rather complex cricket rules hold back many bettors from betting. But if you put effort to spend some time studying the game’s basic principles and rules, you can learn how to make correct predictions and profitable bets. The basics of cricket are not complicated. There are two teams of eleven players each. The tournament is held on a green field. There are serving and receiving players. Serving players throw the ball and receiving ones take it with the bat. Each successful action of the team is rewarded by points. The team with the most points wins.

The great thing is that each ball is an event. This is the reason why many bettors avoid Twenty20 due to the volatility. Someone analyzes events on the field, someone focuses on statistics and historical summaries. Typically, IPL matches predictions are based on statistics. Some bettors build amazing models to control the market. Others take each player's ball into account in their models and simulate matches thousands of times to get the right odds. Anyway, experienced bettors accumulate a huge array of analytical information helping them to make correct predictions. Last time the approach to predicting cricket games has been significantly changed. If before the all-star team was a favorite, now bettors begin to realize that a good attack is a major prerequisite for victory.

How To Predict IPL?

To increase the chances of correct IPL betting predictions and winning cricket bets, you should take into account the following features:

  • There are no clear outsiders in IPL matches, as, for example, at the hockey world championships. That is why underdogs betting with positive handicaps can be a good option.
  • Very few bettors are professional bettors. The majority of the betting participators are classic cricket fans. For this reason, there are enough valuable offers in the line that are used by a minor part of experienced bettors.
  • Cricket live betting may be advantageous because of the higher odds compared to the pre-match line. Slow gameplay allows you to make a well-considered bet without a rush.
  • The weather aspect and the field condition are essential. Matches can be delayed or ended with limited overs. And during the rain, the skill of the players is leveled with unexpected outcomes take place.

Now, let's look at the main positions bettors can bet on:

  • Bet on winning the match. There are no draws in cricket, so the list includes bets on the victory of one of the participants. IPL today match predictions can be good assistance for making this bet.
  • Live bets. This betting type is prevalent among professional bettors and gamers with advanced knowledge of cricket. The positions in the live line are the same as in the pre-match line. With the winners of the next run, bets on odd / even total runs added.
  • Winning the tournament. Prior to the start of such a major competition, bookmakers publish odds for the winners several months in advance.
  • Handicap. Bettors can put on runs, as well as knocked down wickets of opponents with plus and minus handicaps. If there is a clear favorite, then the handicap value for runs may reach 3.5, and 15.5for knocked down wickets.
  • Total. This is a bet on the number of runs. The list includes general and individual totals. 6-point runs and the number of run-outs bets are available.

What Are The IPL Cricket Predictions for 2021?

As always, in 2021 eight teams will participate in Indian Premier League matches. The first game is played between the current champion (Mumbai Indians) and the number two (Delhi Capitals). IPL predictions for today can be made using various statistical and analytic instruments including different cricket betting strategies.

Financial betting strategies

Among the effective strategies for cricket betting financial ones should be highlighted first:

Kelly criterion. The Kelly criterion is more suitable for those who already have a certain experience of playing in bookmakers, since the success of this strategy is determined, by the player's ability to independently determine the probability of any event.

Oscar Grind Method. The essence of this strategy is to minimize losses at a distance. The algorithm of actions does not allow players to lose their heads in the event of loss series, since the amount of the bet in case of loss remains the same. If there is a streak of wins, the stake is increased, which contributes to obtaining the maximum profit during this period.

Miller's management. Miller's management, or plateau management, is one of the most well-known financial gaming strategies today. It implies that the player bets a small part of the bank on values.

Flat. Flat betting allows you to reduce the risk of losing capital to a minimum but the player must thoroughly know all cricket game nuances and rules. In order to make a profit when playing this strategy and being aware of IPL score predictions, the total passability of bets must be over 60%.

Sports strategies

In addition to financial strategies, the most efficient sports schemes exist:

Surebets. Bookmakers accept bets on two cricket outcomes. That is why, arbitrage situations between various bookmakers, in case they happen, then live. The mainline of this strategy means that the bettor must find the odds in various bookmakers for opposite outcomes forming an arbitrage situation. Such situations sometimes may happen in the process of matches.

The strategy of the best insider. Usually, bookmakers include a bet on the best insider in the list. Normally, this is the team who made the most runs or hit the wickets the most. It is highly recommended to study statistics before the start of the match in order to figure out the range of potential candidates. You can bet on the most probably best player at the lowest odds. If the bet is not played, then use Martingale's catch-up in the next games. Make a bet either on the same playing side or on another. The main issue is that the coefficient should be in the range of 2-2.5.

Live betting strategy. This approach is to bet on the total for fewer runs during the match. Matches that take place in rainy weather are the most suitable for this strategy. As mentioned above, the likelihood of unexpected events in this situation increases significantly. Before the start of the matches, you should look at the weather forecast, and selected the ones with rainy weather expected. The bet size bet draws on the odds. Generally, this is 5% of the bank, since odds on totals are usually near to 2.


When selecting a particular cricket betting strategy for Indian Premier League matches, you should take into account your skills and preferences. If a bettor has advanced experience in betting on surebets, then the sport type to bet on does not matter. The main task is to find trustworthy bookmakers who would allow bettors to make money in arbitrage situations.

The amateur bettors can be advised to use the best player of the match betting strategy. It is not necessary to be experienced in cricket to win with this strategy. It is enough to observe the performance of the main players of the teams and define the range of possible candidates for the best in the future match. It is essential to find a site offering statistics for the personal performance of sportsmen. On the basis of this information, you can make high-quality predictions.

However, in cricket, sometimes unexpected things may happen. But if you study this game in detail, you can avoid many unpleasant disappointments for a bettor. Let's draw your attention to the main ones:

  • Sometimes match-fixing happens and the Indian Premier League isn’t an exception. Therefore, if you see that the quotes for the outsider have fallen significantly, make the proper conclusions.

  • Many bookmakers accept bets on the winner of the first innings. Commonly, the running-up team, showing an overpowering approach, comes forward. But do not promptly make a live bet on the overall victory of an aggressive runner-up. As a rule, the favorite pulls itself together and wins by experience.

  • The results of most teams primarily depend on the competition format. In some tournaments, the team is considered a middle, in other a favorite. The odds do not always correctly indicate the real odds of the match members. For this reason, the initial step is to figure out the rules of the tournament.

Anyway, cricket is a fun sport, and Indian Premier League matches can be easily analyzed. Knowing the main points and features of the game will help patient bettors to make a decent profit and always be in the black.

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