Baseball is very much an American pastime if ever there was one. It’s one of very few sports that are mostly played on US soil. In fact, baring a large following in Japan, there are few countries that have leagues of any sorts. European leagues are extremely rare, but the Dutch and the Italians are standouts in the trend as they both posses’ professional baseball leagues.

The highest standard of baseball around the world is played out in the US via the MLB (Major League Baseball). There are 30 franchises in the league all with multimillion dollar budgets paving the way for some of the highest paid sportsmen in the world to participate. The season plays out over a staggering 162 games per team before entering the now infamous American playoff season. The two remaining teams from the playoff will reach the finals of the season, or better known as the World Series.

The most successful team in the league is by far the New York Yankees who have managed to win the World Series no less than 27 times. Other famous teams include Boston Red Sox (7 times winners), San Francisco Giants (6 times winners) and St Louis Cardinals (10 times winners). Even though to most people who don’t follow baseball and have no interest in the game whatsoever, the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox will be household names and instantly recognisable, such is the global recognition for baseball.

Baseball betting information

Factors that are considered and have a massive bearing on the odds or lines set, is that of the pitchers and run lines. Before a bookmaker sets their lines on a specific game they look to see which two pitchers will be playing in the game (the pitchers are often swapped around and rested due to the heavy workload of which they need maintain throughout a season). Once the odds are set then the bettor can then place a wager. If for whatever reason a pitcher is removed from the starting line up, then the odds will likely change reflecting the team’s chances in the game with a different pitcher.

The run lines are basically an American form of handicapping the game when one team is a big favourite to win. Depending on how strong a favourite a team is will depend on how many runs they get subtracted from their overall score. Football bettors will see something similar in a points spread.

Key Factors when Handicapping

The opening price in Baseball is determined by the starting pitchers and overall strengths/weaknesses of the teams. Other factors will come into play, but generally 90% of the opening price are produced as a direct result of the listed starting pitchers. Bullpens ...

How To Bet

Suppose you are a lover of baseball game and you also love to cheer for your favorite team, then you must have some curiosity to learn betting techniques of Baseball games. This paper book will show the ways by which you can achieve success in baseball betting ...

Basics of Baseball Betting

Whereas football and basketball are the most well-liked sports activities to bet on, baseball could be the simplest for inexperienced persons once you understand how to read the money line. Money line playing is the primary wagering possibility for baseball bettors ...

Picks Betting

Baseball is a very popular sport in the USA. Youngsters nowadays develop up enjoying baseball, collecting participant playing cards and watching games with their fathers to create that particular relationship that makes their eyes sparkle even when the kids ...

Why Can’t I Win Betting Elite Pitching?

The simple answer is that you pay too much to bet on these type of pitchers. But let’s work backwards. First I’ll tell you of the 6 pitchers I consider elite: P. Martinez, R Johnson, Maddux, Brown, Wells and Hampton, Martinez costs the most and has the worst record ...

Betting 101

Baseball betting could be one of the higher odd games at a on line casino/sportsbook. Not like different sports activities similar to soccer and basketball, baseball has many different altering variables that can assist bettors pick winners.

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