Football is now one of the largest sports in world, being shown in 5 continents to over 200 countries week in week out. The industry is worth literally billions of pounds with many of the world’s wealthiest men looking to get in on the act by purchasing some of the world’s leading football clubs. The once donned ‘Beautiful game’ is now more commonly associated with the ‘Billionaire playground’.

Some of the largest leagues in the world such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A attract hundreds of thousands of people every week into their stadiums. The marketing leverage is simply huge, hence the global branding of football.

Due to its massive worldwide exposure, many top bookmakers have seen fit to take advantage of this and promote football betting on a substantial scale. There is barely a league around the world which you can’t bet on with some really obscure choices of Israel, South Africa and Japan all having comprehensive markets on a weekly basis.

At the forefront of the growth of football betting has been the introduction of live betting. Live betting allows punters to place wagers on games as they take place. When something happens in the game to affect the outcome then the odds will fluctuate in real time accordingly. Many see it as a great way to apply the skills and knowledge they have in football betting and to try and beat the bookmaker. Whilst ‘beating the bookie’ is almost impossible, live betting really does level the playing field out. It can come down to a case of who reacts the quickest.

To accompany live betting, many top online bookmakers have added free streaming of games from around the world to make it easier for you to view a game and select a market where you see fit. As most of the major leagues are readily available on sports satellite channels, the lesser games are almost non-existent, meaning these streaming services are a life line to people wanting to view how their bets are shaping up.

The array of markets available on any game is simply staggering. Any one game can create over 100 different markets to bet on from the outright winner to how many yellow cards in the game and which team will have the most corners. You can even bet on the total amount of numbers on the back of the player’s shirt!

Football Betting Tips

All sports require you to follow a certain criteria before betting and football is no different.

Research – Each bet you make should come off the back of extensive research prior to the event. We have touched upon the amount of leagues that you can bet on with most major online bookmakers and it’s these markets where the real value lies. Take the time to learn a new market and apply the information you have learned to your bets.

Study the form – For each game you want to be looking at a minimum of the last 6 games for each team. Look at the scores, how they have played, the team they have fielded, if they are likely to improve, have they peaked, what system have they played, what was the opposition like at the time. After doing this it should be easier to compile your information and compare for either team.

Be patient – This tip could be used with pretty much each and every sport, but it’s imperative that you remain patient when sports betting. You simply won’t win every bet; all you have to do is win the majority. The more work you put in, the more you will get out!

In-Running Betting

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Correct Score Betting

Who would have known that United would lose 2-1 and Chelsea would go down 2-0 at home? Definately not the expert pundits, or most punters at the bookies. But I backed both scores correctly: the first at 16/1 and the second at an immensely satisfying 109/1 ...

Asian Handicapping Advanced

How often could you wager on Arsenal at odds against to win last year? The amazing answer is 4 games. Actually, aside from the evens available on the Gunners for their highly charged Highbury match with Man United, they actually started odds on for all their ...

Asian Handicapping

Despite their prominence across Asia, where they are absolutely the popular way to bet on football, it's not really a surprise that handicaps are still a mystery for many British gamblers. Faced with the prospect of betting on teams with the seemingly nonsensical head start ...

Betting on Football

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Betting Software

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Simple Strategy For Soccer Betting

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Learn How to Bet

As the name over/under football betting implies, bettors will be given the chance to bet whether the game will produce a TOTAL goal count of over or under a pre-determined number. An ex. of over and under betting, if bookmaker set that the total goal count for a match ...

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