Unlike most team sports, Boxing is a sport with few types of bet to offer, here are the following.

Understanding Money Line Bet

Money Line Bet is the simplest bet on boxing, where punters will only need to guess the eventual winner of a boxing match. Usually in money line betting, greater odds against a boxer means he will have the lesser chance to win the bout, hence this bet will also have the biggest payout.

Understanding Draw Bet

Draw Bet is a type of boxing betting which usually ignored by punters who want to save money, because draws in boxing is a rare thing to happen, especially in title fights. But if you bet on draw and the match finishes the rounds without a clear winner, you will take home the money.

Understanding Over Under Betting

Unlike in most team sports that is decided by points, an over under betting on boxing pertains to the number of rounds that the match will last, and not the points the fighters get while fighting. For 12-round fights, bookies usually set the sixth, seventh or eighth rounds for the bet, because those rounds are when most knockouts occur. If a punter bets over six rounds and the match lasted seven rounds, the bet will be lost.

Understanding Stoppage Bet

Stoppage bet on boxing is the most favorite type of boxing betting for many boxing fans, as it is thrilling to see boxers kiss the canvas.
To simply answer the question how to bet on boxing for this type, a bettor will only need to guess whether a boxer knocks out his opponent to win. However, the bet has a variation, because in boxing there are also Technical Knock Outs.

Boxing Betting Secrets
Boxing Betting Secrets

There are few sports, if any, that come more physical than that of boxing. It’s also a sport for the masses where people of all shapes and sizes can find a place in Boxing. Whilst the betting markets are comprehensive, it’s certainly not one of the major betting ...

Who's the idiot at ringside?
Who's the idiot at ringside?

Know what you are doing before you bet. People say you can find value by knowing boxing in-depth or finding out insider tips. Bookies mainly rely on the boxing trade press to work out the odds on a fight and they do often make mistakes. There are sometimes incredible ...

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