Whilst tennis may not get the viewing figures of its heydays in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s still one of the major global sports attracting players and fans from around the world. The nature of the game makes it a real hot spot for keen sports bettors. Unlike higher profile sports that trade millions of pounds each year, such as football, NFL and baseball, tennis seems to really kick home to the more shrewd sports bettor who likes to the action to come thick and fast.

The highlights of the tennis calendar come in the form of the four majors; US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open. These are the pinnacle of the sport and something every tennis player thrives to win to etch their name into the history books. Whilst tournaments such as the Davis Cup and Masters series hold high prestige, it’s the majors that the players really want to win.

Live betting has seen a rise in tennis bettors over the years. The ability to bet as the game takes place really does seem to lure the more capable sports bettors to really dig out any edge they can over the bookmaker. As more and more bookmakers start to adopt live betting on all platforms, this increases the competition in the market, thus, resulting in a competitive odds market which is good news for all bettors.

Another pull is the fact that tennis competitions take place 12 months of the year. Granted the ‘main’ season is based from the start of the Australian Open in January running until the end of the US Open in September, but tournaments (many of which still attract players ranked in the top 50 of the world) are competitively taking place right through the winter months. This means that unlike sports such as football, rugby, cricket and many more alike, there is no official off season.

Tennis Betting Tips

Exploit live betting – Live betting is like next generation gaming, only for betting. It’s the future, but it’s here now. Granted tennis games can turn at the drop of a hat, but that’s why live betting works so well. If you can learn to anticipate when a player is tiring, certain trends from players and opponents, then live betting will offer the odds to maximise your value.

Expand your knowledge – Many tennis bettors claim to be ‘experts’ in the game, that’s why they think they will make money. Whilst this may be true to a certain extent, the real profits can be made from the lesser known players in the lower ranked games.

Momentum – One of the biggest factors in tennis is momentum. Which player looks like they are picking the pace up? Who’s just broken serve? Who looks like they won’t have the energy to play another set? Pick up on the small details and the big money will roll in.

Betting on Tennis is simple because, the game is complex and bookies find it hard to create bets out of the match. But because of the long matches and numerous counts of games played in a single match, betting in tennis is still entertaining and nerve-wracking. Below you can find the different types of Tennis betting.

Understanding Match Winner Bet on Tennis

Match Winner Bet is a type of tennis betting wherein a punter just need to guess who will be the match winner after the whole tennis game is completed. But some bookies have deviation to this match betting, depending on the outcome of the tennis game. Sometimes, when a player pulls out of the match because of injuries or some reasons, it may lead to bookies referring to their different rule books. Some bookies say that if a player pulls out of the game before the game started and the bet was already made, the bet will be void. Many bookies require that the ball must be in play for at least one time before a player pulls out so they can declare who will ‘win’ the match and the bet.

Knowing Set Winner Bet on Tennis

Set Winner Bet is a type of tennis betting which is more complex than the Match Winner Bet, as this will be about guessing the outcome of the match in sets. For example, a punter can guess that a game will be decided in two sets by betting for Tennis Player X to win 2-0 in sets. Men’s tournaments are decided in five sets, meaning tennis players need to win three sets to win the match or commonly called as the match winner. However, women’s tournaments have only three-set matches, meaning a player only need two sets to win.

Understanding Totals on Match Betting on Tennis

In Totals on Match Betting, the match winner does not matter, as in this type of tennis betting, a bet will only refer to the number of games played in the match. Totals on Match Betting is like the Over/Under bet, but you will bet whether the match will reach a pre-determined number of games or not. Usually, matches last for 28 to 32 games so bookies usually set the game count at 30 or 31.

Learning Handicap Betting and Tennis Betting Tips

Handicap Betting on Tennis is the most complex type of Tennis betting, because bookies do not base the bets on who won the sets, but rather counts how many games the players win, add them and apply the handicap. To answer more precisely the question how to bet on Tennis, we will provide you an example to further elaborate. For example in a game featuring Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, and Murray received a 4.0 handicap. If the match ends as 6-3, 6-4, 6-7, 2-6, 6-4, for Murray, the games won by the players will be added. Murray will have won 26 games against Nadal’s 25, but those who bet for Nadal will still win the game because Murray’s 26 games will be reduced by 4.0 and become 22.

Knowing Outright Betting on Tennis

Outright Betting on Tennis is a simple type of tennis betting, yet very risky for punters, especially in the early phases of the tournaments because there are still games to be played and no outcome is set on stone. Early in the tournament, even high-ranking players have high odds against them because injuries might happen and games are yet to be played. But as the season nears its end, odds generally decrease, as bookies continue to see who has the higher chance of becoming a champion.

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