UFC Betting Tips

Proposition Bets

In addition to placing straight ufc bets, some bookies allow you to place “proposition wagers”. These lines can either be unrelated to who wins, such as whether a fight goes to a decision or not, or apply more stringent conditions on who wins, like that a ...

Betting Uncertainty

My biggest pet peeve in MMA discussions is when someone talks about how he “knew” a certain result would happen, and that it should have been obvious to everyone that this would happen. I ask this person how much money they put on the fight, since it would ...

Arbitrage Guide

Of all the betting strategies, arbitrage is probably the most difficult to make a significant amount of money with. However, the advantage of arbitrage is that it is 100% guaranteed money. What is arbitrage? From a non gambling perspective, arbitrage is simply ...

The Importance Of Timing

The simple answer for the best time to place a bet is whenever you think there is value in the line. However, there are other variables to keep in mind. This article is about when the best time to place a bet is, however to understand my conclusion you need to ...

Parlay Betting

UFC parlay betting is incredibly popular amongst UFC betting enthusiasts. I personally love to put a couple of 5 fighter parlays on each event. Not only does it make the night more exciting but it can also be very profitable. The reason UFC parlay bets are so ...

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