Parlay Betting

Parlay Betting

UFC parlay betting is incredibly popular amongst UFC betting enthusiasts. I personally love to put a couple of 5 fighter parlays on each event. Not only does it make the night more exciting but it can also be very profitable. The reason UFC parlay bets are so popular is because usually putting money on a big favourite isn’t really worthwhile. For example backing Couture over Toney at UFC 118 wasn’t really very appealing as you would have to wager around $650 to win $100. But if you combined this fight with 2 other bouts with more appealing odds for example a small favourite or small underdog you would receive much better returns because as you add more bets to your parlay your potential winnings are increased.

Each UFC event I like to make a post about the parlays that I am betting, in the past I have had returns of over +1000 from 5 fights, and that’s without adding any huge underdogs. Obviously MMA is difficult to predict and big underdogs will win from time to time just because of the nature of the sport, and this can ruin UFC parlays. But it’s worth remembering big risks can provide big rewards with UFC Palays.:

Here is an example of a parlay I did for UFC 118:

Edgar To Beat Penn
Couture To Beat Toney
Diaz To Beat Davis
Soto To Beat Osipczak

This parlay returned $290 from $25.


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