Tennis predictions

Tennis predictions

Elena Rybakina vs Ons Jabeur: prediction for the ATP | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Elena Rybakina and Ons Jabeur. Not a very expected couple formed in the decisive stage of Wimbledon and we can safely say that the fight will please with a huge number…
09/07/2022, at 13:00 GMTATP Wimbledon
Nick Kyrgios vs Rafael Nadal: prediction for the ATP | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal. A few months ago tennis players faced off at the Masters in Indian Wells and now they will fight for access to the decisive stage of the…
08/07/2022, at 12:00 GMTATP Wimbledon
Novak Djokovic vs Norrie Cameron: prediction for the match | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie. It may seem to some that this Wimbledon 1/2 Finals match will not prove to be intriguing, but let's see what will actually happen.
08/07/2022, at 12:00 GMT ATP Wimbledon
Elena Rybakina vs Simona Halep: prediction for the ATP | Odds2win
In the second semi-final of Wimbledon on July 7th, will meet Elena Rybakina and Simona Halep. The representative of Kazakhstan regularly imposed a fight in personal meetings. Should we expect a stubborn…
07/07/2022, at 14:00 GMTATP Wimbledon
Ons Jabeur vs Tatjana Maria: prediction for the ATP | Odds2win
The first Wimbledon finalist on July 7th will be determined in a full-time confrontation between Ons Jabeur and Tatjana Maria. Will the German tennis player be able to surprise again? The answer is in…
07/07/2022, at 12:30 GMTATP Wimbledon
Simona Halep vs Amanda Anisimova: prediction for the match | Odds2win
Prediction and bet on the match between Halep and Anisimova. Simona Halep and Amanda Anisimova will fight for one of the trips to the Wimbledon semi-finals on July 6th. Let's take a look at the prediction…
06/07/2022, at 12:30 GMT ATP Wimbledon
Christian Garin vs Nick Kyrgios: prediction for the match | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Christian Garin and Nick Kyrgios. In this match of the 1/4 finals of the British Open, there is an unconditional favorite. And let's see if everything is really as simple…
06/07/2022, at 14:00 GMTATP Wimbledon
Taylor Fritz vs Rafael Nadal: prediction for the ATP match | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Taylor Fritz and Rafael Nadal. For a couple of months, tennis players faced off at the Masters in Indian Wells and now they will compete for the coveted ticket to the Wimbledon…
06/07/2022, at 14:00 GMTATP Wimbledon
Jannik Sinner vs John Isner: Prediction for the match | Odds2win
Prediction for the game between Yannick Sinner and John Isner. Tennis players from different generations will compete for access to the fourth round of Wimbledon and it is highly likely that the fight…
01/07/2022, at 10:00 GMT ATP Wimbledon
Irina-Camelia Begu vs Jelena Ostapenko: Prediction | Odds2win
Prediction for the match between Irina Camellia Begu and Elena Ostapenko. There is a clear favorite in this match of the 1/16 finals of the British Major and there is a high probability that things will…
01/07/2022, at 10:00 GMTATP Wimbledon

Individual sports are among the most attractive for betting. Betters find it easier to analyze the actions of specific athletes than teams. This is the reason why tennis predictions are so popular among sports forecasters. Tennis betting is also popular due to the availability of a number of special sports strategies that can be easily combined with financial game models.

Sports betting is full of different game models and prediction strategies. They range from mathematical originated from casino playing to specially created for sports. Nevertheless, none of these tactics works 100%. Strategies that completely lead to winnings, win-win models, do not exist in any sport, including tennis. Players can combine mathematical models with financial ones, select special tactics, use tennis betting predictions but they will not guarantee full success. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to strategies that have minimal risk and high returns on a long-term basis.

What is Tennis Prediction?

Considering the total number of bets made, it is necessary to admit that tennis is the second most popular sport after soccer. However, this individual sports has its own characteristics that should be taken into account for tennis win prediction:

  • Weather conditions dependence. Game canceling due to poor weather is common in tennis, especially when it comes to clay courts. Hard ones suffer less from moisture, grass courts also do not actually suffer from light rain, but the clay is the most vulnerable surface. For this reason, matches can be postponed for several hours, or even days.

  • Regularity. Tennis matches are held daily, the number of tournaments and matches is highest at the beginning of the week. The competition usually starts from the lowest stages with the maximum number of participants. All these factors make a good choice for betting.

  • Comebacks. Tennis is one of the most unpredictable sports, and professional bettors can catch high odds in Live. Mainly changes in the game happen in women's tennis, however, they are also not uncommon in the men's category.

  • Simpler analysis. In tennis, you need to follow the performance of two specific players or pairs to understand how the game will play out. All that is required is knowledge of how the participants in the match behave in different situations. Tennis previews and predictions require significantly less time than team sports, and this is an obvious plus.

There are also enough drawbacks in tennis like a long wait for matches, refusals of players, prolonging the matches for two or more days, etc. But it is mostly a fast individual sport that is convenient for betting and therefore popular.

How To Predict Tennis?

Individual sports have no difference from team sports in terms of forming action lines. One of the tennis match betting tips is using the following types of bets:

  • The game outcome. Tennis bets have no draw because someone will definitely win. This is an easier betting option when compared to soccer, hockey, and other team sports. It is also possible to bet on the outcome of a specific set.
  • Handicap. Handicaps can have European (integer) and Asian (fractional) values. Here, too, betting for a full game or a particular set is available.
  • Total. By analogy with the handicap, it can be Asian and European. The bet can be made for a set or a full game. Common total (for both players), as well as individual (specifically for each sportsman) exist.
  • Accurate score. The difference of an accurate score between tennis and other types of sport is in the small number of possible options. Mostly the game goes up to two wins in a game. Making tennis match prediction these outcomes are easier to analyze than in team competitions, and if you take into account the high odds compared to the quotes for the outcome, this type of bet is more profitable.

Since tennis is an individual sport, there are dozens of betting strategies created specifically for this type of competition. Most do not give players a good profit, as they are designed for a big bank. But there are also those models that can give a plus, subject to the rules and combining the strategy game with analytics and financial models. Among the most used are:

  • Bet on games. This strategy is based on a simple catch-up (the Martingale system). Tennis betting tips don’t recommend it for use for novice bettors.
  • Betting after the first set. An interesting model that is also used in live.
  • Betting on favorites. The tactic consists of placing bets on players according to the Favorite/Outsider principle.
  • 40:40 Strategy. Usually, the action line of bookmakers contains an event Score of 40-40 in the game which is used for forming this strategy.
  • First point betting. This is a variation of the game to win the first draw of the game.

To be successful at betting, it is important to use tennis predictions tips, always adhere to the basic rules of the strategy and monitor the correct financial management.


Regardless of the sport and betting strategies, each bettor must remain cool in any situation. The cold-blooded calculation is one of the main qualities of a successful bettor. Winning tennis betting is based on several simple principles:

  • Competent analytics. Competent analytics consists of a thorough analysis of the upcoming game. The bettor must have all the information like weather, athlete’s physical condition, history of personal meetings, the latest news, and so on.
  • Cold calculation and proper financial management. It is better to manage finances according to special strategies like flat, fixed profit, etc. They will help you to properly distribute funds and not go into the red after several failures.
  • Following strategies (optional).
  • Lack of a gambling component. Excitement will prevent the bettor from making a correct prediction, for example, it is not recommended to bet on your favorite tennis players due to bias.

Also, analytics is essential for making correct predictions and bettor should be ready to devote enough time to it.

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