Boxing Betting Secrets

Boxing Betting Secrets

There are few sports, if any, that come more physical than that of boxing. It’s also a sport for the masses where people of all shapes and sizes can find a place in Boxing. Whilst the betting markets are comprehensive, it’s certainly not one of the major betting sports around.

The introduction of the UK based Prize-fighter competition has seen a massive increase in exposure to boxing for the general public. The concept is that 8 different fighters all take part in a knockout format on one night. The draw is made randomly and the fights last for three 3 minute rounds before a decision is made when there has been no KO. The winner often picks up a cheque of up to L20,000, but more importantly receives a massive boost in exposure for their career. The heavyweight division of boxing may not be as strong as recent years gone by, but the recent battle has re-ignited the division. Bookmakers reported over L50 million to be traded on that one fight alone.

Boxing Betting Markets

Apart from the obvious outright winner market, boxing markets can be hard to come across. One thing to look out for is that of choosing the round of stoppage (if any). These markets tend to provide good value and even allow you to group a set of rounds together to form your bet. These sorts of markets also come in handy when one boxer is a strong favourite, which in boxing can often be the case.

When tackling events such as prize-fighter, then look to place accumulator bets on each round. These markets will again provide good value and these kinds of events where the boxers may be a little less known so odds are on more of an even keel. Also bear in mind that a lot of Prize fighter events will have that of former top professional boxers. These boxers are usually ageing and coming towards the end of their career. It’s for this reason that even though the bookmaker will likely still be having them down as favourite, more often than not the once top professional fails to live up to pre tournament hype.

Boxing Betting Tips

Listed below are a number of betting tips that you should apply before placing any bets on boxing. Try applying the tips and strategies to virtual bets rather than trying to work them with real money bets to start. This way you will have a better idea of what to look out for and also a better understanding of the tips or strategy.

Research each fighter as much as possible – If possible get all the pre-fight information you can. See how they have been training, who with and for how long. Have they been called in as a last minute replacements? Replacements often are vastly underprepared for a fight so should be avoided at all cost. The more information you can put together will give you a much better idea of the preparation the boxer has had prior to the fight.

Check the weight division – Boxing is a sport where many fighters move up and down each weight division to further their careers. When a boxer moves up, no matter how much they have dominated the previous weight level, it’s going to be a tough learning curve. See how the boxer has fared at the weight level previous and also do the same for their opponent.

Check the odds – Finally, the odds for boxing matches can vary greatly from bookmaker to bookmaker. It’s imperative that you spend time looking about for the best odds, especially for the smaller fights. The smaller fights will have fewer bookmakers opening markets, so often the odds will fluctuate massively due to lack of competition.


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