What is Rebel Betting

What is Rebel Betting

The internet is big and and confusing place for sports punters. Whether it is a bookmaker, tipster or punting tool, all providers sell a dream to punters, that their product will make them rich with the least amount of effort.

With this in mind, Rebel Betting is the ultimate sport betting product. An arbitrage betting program it comes with some very big claims, primarily that you will make a profit without ever putting a cent of your money at risk.

In this Rebel Betting Review I will see if it really is possible to make free money through arbitrage betting, and increase my bankroll by 15% a month as they claim.

First Impressions

Anyone who has read any of my reviews will know that I’m big on web and program design. There is nothing worse than a bad looking website or application to ruin your user experience. I’m also very big on sales websites being a window into the quality of the end product.

While some products with awful websites such a Z-Code have proven to be a pleasant surprise, I think it generally holds true that the effort in web design correlates with the product itself.

For me Rebel Betting have one of, if not the best sales pages going. It’s clean, slick, and gives you all the information you need. It also has a great little video explaining arbitrage betting, and is partnered with some pretty big industry players including Pinnacle Sport, Betfair and Matchbook. I was impressed, actually very impressed.

And I only became more impressed as I read through their material. Arbitrage betting of course makes sense. It is something that exists, and by using Rebel Betting I was promised that I could build my bankroll by a whopping 15% a month without putting a cent of money at risk. Any punter would be happy with a 15% return each month, let alone guaranteed.

So I quickly put my email down to get free access to the program itself and an ebook which would further explain how to use the system and about arbitrage betting. Again, both were very impressive.

The program itself seemed to be very good and did exactly as promised, however in a limited capacity compared to the full version (more below), and the ebook again was very useful. So I put down the credit card and bought myself a weekly subscription to test drive it further.

What is Rebel Betting?

To put it simply, Rebel Betting is a program which takes live odds feeds from a host of different bookmakers around the world and finds arbitrage opportunities. These opportunities are them provided to the user in real time based on the criteria set.

This in itself is very impressive, however its the system’s ability to assist the user in placing bets that it the real key.

Arbitrage opportunities are only available for very short windows of time, sometimes as small as seconds. Through Rebel Betting, in theory once an opportunity becomes available you can click and be taken to the two bookmakers in question, automatically logged in, and taken to the market. From their you simply use the calculated stake amounts provided by the handy calculator on the left of screen and click submit.

And there you have it, guaranteed profit. As easy a clicking two buttons.

Rebel Betting Review

I will admit that after signing up for a seven day membership I was excited. Deciding to start with a bank of $500 just to test the waters I ensured that I had $100 in five of the bookmakers on offer who seemed to come up regularly in arbitrage opportunities, and who I knew offered low market percentages; Pinnacle Sports, Marathon Bet, BetDSI, 1xBet and Betfair (an exchange is vital for arbitrage betting). By the way, if you want to get today soccer prediction, we recommend that you follow the link provided and subscribe to the blog section updates.

I set myself up a spreadsheet to record all my bets so I could keep track of which accounts had what amount of money (as by its nature arbitrage betting means at least one of your bets will lose), inputted the parameters of the types of arbs I wanted to be notified of (at least 4% profit, no longer than 10 minutes old, and within the next 24 hours so not to tie up my money for extended periods), and involving the bookmakers I wanted to use.

Suddenly the screen flashed with options, quickly I clicked and a new window opened. Once the window was open I watched as the system logged me into the bookmakers and searched for the market in question.

An error “odds no longer available”. Back to the main screen to selected the next available arbitrage opportunity at a lower profit margin. “Odds no longer available”.

I pressed on, determined that it must just be the learning curve and once I got faster it would be able to get the bets on.

As I clicked on more and more options, again and again the odds quoted weren’t available. And I’m not talking a small change, I mean a Pinnacle price being listed at $2.20 only to find it at $1.90 in an over/under market. I also noticed that for some bookmakers the automation went only as far as the log on, you would still be required to click through to the specific market, wasting (what I thought), were precious seconds in the process.

But I kept going, determined that it was me that was the problem. Hours went by in a flash until finally I seemed to have found one. A Swedish Ice Hockey over/under with Marathon Bet and BetDSI, I quickly navigated myself through the BetDSI site, found the over/under, clicked and put in the prescribed stake. I flew down to the Marathon window, scanned for the odds I was looking for in their extensive over/under options, clicked, put in the stake and fired off my first arbitrage bet.

I was relieved and happy, for less than a $100 bet I would win $6.00 no matter the result. Sure it had been hours of work, but it was guaranteed. Or so I thought.

As I typed into my spreadsheet I realised that something had gone wrong. My Marathon bet was for under 4 goals, while by BetDSI bet was for over 4.5 goals.

I went back the the program, and noticed a host of over/under bets involving BetDSI across hockey and football markets. Each comparing BetDSI’s 4.5 goal markets to 4 goals of other bookmakers (primarily Pinnacle and Marathon). In fact, for a good hour these were the only opportunities available.

But I continued and another arbitrage presented itself. A handicap bet on the Maltese Premier League involving Marathon Bet and Betfair. Again I rushed, but as I was navigating the odds for Marathon changed slightly. I went to the calculator, put in the new odds and watched the calculation give me my new stakes. Phew, still an arb opportunity.

I quickly put in the stakes, but was denied by Marathon with a max $17 bet on the market available. No problems I thought, put $17 into the calculator to get my Betfair lay bet.

I put in the new stakes, clicked submit and went to bed happy knowing that I had at least one opportunity locked in, and assuming there weren’t 4 goals in the hockey match another 6% profit bet.

Excitedly I awoke to input the results of my bets in my spreadsheet. The hockey game had fallen my way thankfully, however I had lost $12 on the football bet. I doubled checked the numbers, I had lost $17 on my Marathon bet but only won $4.75 from Betfair.

The calculator had given me the wrong stake to enter. Instead of a sure profit I had simply put in a stop loss. But lesson learnt, maybe in my tired and frustrated state I had simply misread?

It was worth pushing on. Which I did, and never put on another bet.

Hour after hour as the program chimed I rushed to put bets on only to receive the deadly “odds no long available”. After checking the market it was clear they never were. Constantly I was given opportunities involving BetDSI in markets that were simply different. It was becoming increasingly frustrating.

This was topped off by the constant crashing of the program. Sometimes it just froze, other times I would get an error message. Either way I was constantly required to “turn it on and off again”, not something you want in a time sensitive program.

Tired and frustrated I emailed support asking for my money back. The program in my opinion did not work, and after hours of trying I had only managed to lose $6 and my subscription fee.

I received a reply asking for the error logs which I provided. Almost a week later and about $50 poorer I received a response offering me a further three days for free and an assurance that the issues with BetDSI had been resolved. I did not take them up on the offer.


At the very least with a yearly subscription Rebel Betting will cost $1200 Australian dollars a year. According to Rebel Betting with a $1000 bankroll you should pay this off in your second month and be on your way to a tidy $3150 profit for the year.

Putting aside the fact the the program itself did not work for me, I just can’t see how making a profit long term from arbitrage is possible. You’re just not going to find opportunities in markets big enough to bet the required amounts to make it worth your time. In 2019 bookmakers are savvy enough to be ahead of the game, and while arbitrage opportunities may have been possible in the early days of the internet, this time seems to have well and truly past.

But what about my thoughts on Rebel Betting?

I can really tell that the framework is there for an amazing product, but not as an arbitrage system. The ability for the engine to be used to compare odds and quickly log into accounts and place bets is where its real strength is. Sell me a subscription to a program that compares odds among my selected books and records my bets and I will sign up right now. By the way, if you want to get betwinner promo code, follow the provided link. Victory will be yours!

For me Rebel Betting simply didn’t work and I wasn’t prepared to spend another $50 and hours of my time to test it for another week. It constantly crashed, odds weren’t available and incorrect markets were matched.

There’s also something very unsatisfying about arbitrage betting, what’s the point of clicking around on a screen to make $6?


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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