The best bookmakers for basketball betting

The best bookmakers for basketball betting

If you are into basketball betting, then you’ll find this article useful and interesting. Because here we’ll reveal the best online bookmakers to bet on the game with an orange ball. Choosing the right bookie for a specific sport is a very important task. Because in the right place bettor can fulfill his potential and rise his profits. We’ll try to help you with our list of best sportsbooks for betting on basketball.


Oldie, but Goldie. Marathonbet has been around since the late 90s at least. But the global success came to this brand in the 2010s, when they decided to focus on international markets. So how good is Marathonbet for basketball betting? Very good, maybe even fantastic. They have it all: superb coverage (30+ leagues), fabulous payouts (97-97,5% for NBA and Euroleague), great selection of bets (you can even bet on player’s stats), big limits. And this bookie is pretty tolerant to profitable clients, which is a rare thing these days. And margin could be as low as 1.5-2% right before the start of the event.

They also offer many outright bets on NBA and other leagues and covers almost every match in Live (many of them with streams). We can easily say that Marathonbet is a great place for basketball betting, maybe even the best out there.


Parimatch is a rival to Marathonbet, as both these bookies were founded in Ukraine. Now they are competing with each other in the global markets. This bookmaker has always been good at basketball. The main strengths of PM when it comes to betting on basketball:

  • Great coverage. They offer events from more than 20 regions, including Asia, South America, Africa.

  • Special bets. Parimatch is well-known for its Duel of players (NBA) and good outrights offer.

  • Decent odds. The standard pre-match margin is 5-6%, but it usually goes lower before the start of the match.

  • Good in-Play. Live-platform is very good when it comes to quantity and speed. Also, you can watch most matches via Livestream.


Pinnacle is one of the most unique and popular bookmakers in the world. And they actually improved a lot in recent times with the addition of in-match selections. Pinnacle is well-known for its mind-blowing odds (1.5% margin for NBA, 2-3% for Euroleague and other leagues), highest limits (1000$ for Finnish Korisliga), and friendliness to profitable punters and arbitrage bettors. This is a must-have bookie for professional basketball bettor.

As of now, Pinnacle is probably the best bookmaker in the world for betting on the NBA. Earlier, they had only three markets for NBA match (outcome, handicap, totals), but now you can bet on quarters, halves, and even players’ stats. Of course, the margin for these selections are higher, but we just can’t ignore these improvements. The number of leagues and tournaments is pretty impressive too.


Surprising name in our list. We can explain what Fan-Sport is doing here. This bookmaker uses a standard 1xBet platform, which is known for its fantastic coverage and great In-Play. But Fan-Sport offers better odds for basketball than 1xBet. This is ridiculous because 1xBet himself is very generous when it comes to betting margin.

With Fan-Sport you get access to 40+ leagues (youth, women, lower divisions), a best possible event coverage (1000+ options for NBA match), exclusive outright markets, and fantastic odds. Here you can bet on stuff like an average number of rebounds in the regular season for the player, who will be selected at ASG and so on.

At the same time, we can’t deny the shadiness of the whole 1x-family. Fan-Sport is probably good for some specific bets, but not for regular wagering.


The last but not least bookmaker of our list is Bet365. The Kingdom of betting, the universe of sporting events. Despite being a UK company, Bet365 is very absolutely great for basketball betting. Here the player can place a bet on the Adriatic women's league, Brazil Paulista Women, Kazakhstan National League, Zambia Super League. The coverage is absolutely top-notch but other aspects are good too as well.

Bookmaker offers like 20 different selections in total markets, 10 options for winning margin, many alternative spreads, the exact score of the quarter. They are really fanatic about the NBA, as you can even bet on how much three’s player will make, or player’s double-double. Even for El Salvador Liga event, they offer Race to 20 points and tons of alternative options.

The In-Play is fantastic because of the number of matches, speed of platform and live-streams. The standard margin for main markets is 5% but it lowers (3-4%) right before the start of the match.


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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