Sports betting strategies with minimal risk

Sports betting strategies with minimal risk

Read about TOP win-win betting strategies with minimal risk in this article! Each player of the bookmaker office betting on sports, gaining experience, begins to understand that it is possible to consistently beat the bookmakers in the development of own betting strategy, adhering to which one can achieve long-term and stable financial profit, not being limited to periodic one-time wins.

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  • What is the meaning of betting strategies
  • How to choose the optimal sports betting strategy
  • Does the choice of betting strategy depend on the sport
  • Gaming betting strategies
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  • Best live sports betting strategy

What is a sports betting strategy and how can it help players win? Of course, there is no ideal strategy, but many of them are seriously able to help with sports betting.

Gaming win-win betting strategies with minimal risk

Despite a huge number of training courses on rates, blogs of experts, opportunities to communicate with professional privateers, more than 90 percent of players completely lose their deposits, making the same mistakes. One can talk about each miscalculation separately, but one rule a beginner must learn before making his first bet in the bookmaker - the game does not tolerate chaos. All successful clients of bookmakers and well-known forecasters adhere to a strict system, a strategy that brings them success under certain circumstances. By the way, if you want to get today football match prediction, we recommend that you follow the link provided and subscribe to the blog section updates.

The best sports betting strategies do not allow to succumb to emotions, thanks to them, the player can stop in time, rebuild, if something went wrong. The development of a unique strategy takes years, but beginners do not need so much time. They can use the already proven methods of the game, which brought success to many rogue traders.

Tip: beginners should start with relatively safe strategies where there is little risk. The most popular sports betting strategies is the strategy "forks" and various options for betting on the outcome of the match in favor of the favorite.

The strategy of a win-win - "Middles"

"Middle" is, in fact, a win-win strategy of sports betting. Under the terms of the strategy, the player looks for the highest possible odds on the opposite outcomes of one event in bookmakers and bets on them. Thus, the player is guaranteed to win one of the bets, and necessarily loses the other. But the value of the coefficients allows to compensate for losses and close two deals with different bookmakers with the final benefit for yourself. In order for the "Middle" to pass, the player bets on events in sports where only two outcomes are possible - volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis and others like that.

Another important condition: the coefficient for each of the outcomes must be equal to or greater than 2.00.

As an example, consider the NBA match between the LA “Clippers” and the “Timberwolves”. In the first bookmaker odds on the victory of "wolves" is in the value of 2.25. Analysts of the second bookmaker with great skepticism estimate the chances of the “Clippers” and give them a win rate of 2.45. The player makes one bet in two offices on opposite outcomes of one event, thus creating a “Middle”.

For example, the client of the bookmaker No1 bets 1000 rubles on the “Timberwolves” with a coefficient of 2.25, and in the second office made a choice in favor of the “Clippers” with a coefficient of 2.45. The bet amount remains the same-1000 rubles. The result of the game-the victory of the “Clippers”. The client loses a bet on "Wolves" with a penalty of 2.25 and loses 1000 rubles. But at the same time he wins with his bet in another office on the “Clippers” with a coefficient of 2.45. The client earns 1450 rubles. Minus the lost bet, this event brought the client 450 rubles of net profit.

The "Middle" can usually be "caught" in principled, equal confrontations. Bookmakers give almost equal odds for such matches, which fluctuate in one direction and in the other. Let us consider, for example, the tennis confrontation between Federer and Nadal. One bookmaker believes that the Spanish tennis player is in better shape, and the other sees the Swiss as the favorite, which is displayed on the odds. The first office will give Federer a coefficient of 2.1, and the second also assesses the chances of winning of Nadal at the same rate.

As a result, having put in each of offices on Federer and Nadal the amount 1000 dollars respectively, at any outcome we will remain in plus (+100 dollars). It is extremely difficult to find such matches, but the emergence of all major bookmakers on the Internet space has significantly facilitated the life of gamblers, but for the daily strategy of the game in bookmakers’ offices the strategy of the "Middle" is unlikely to be suitable.

A simple strategy for beginners “Chase"

Very often, the main option among the variety of sports betting strategies for beginners is "Chase", the essence of which is as follows. In order to start "Chase" you need to bet on one of the events in the line whose coefficient exceeds 2.0. In case of an unsuccessful outcome, you double the amount of your bet and bet on another event with a coefficient of more than 2.0, if it did not trigger, then you double the amount of the bet again and this should happen until the event triggers and you get a net profit.

For example, with an initial bet of $ 1,000 with two unsuccessful and a third successful outcome, your profit is as follows:

  • 1000+2000+4000 = 7000 (costs);
  • 4000*2.00=8000 (win);
  • 8000-7000=1000 (net profit).

This strategy of playing sports betting is considered to be quite risky, so it is recommended to use it only for experienced betting offices’ clients. In addition, the player using this strategy must be sufficiently successful and win at least 75-80 percent of the bets.

Once again, for those who did not understand-the essence of the strategy is to increase the nominal value of each bet following the lost one. At the same time, the value of the coefficient of such a bet should not be less than 2.00. For example, the player bets 1000 rubles on the victory of CSKA in the match with Spartak, but there was a draw. To compensate for the losses and make a profit, the player increases the bet from 1000 to 2000 rubles in the next suitable match. For example, this is a bet on Krasnodar in the meeting of the bulls in the Europa League with Sevilla. Krasnodar residents win with a conditional coefficient of 3.80, and the client earns 5600 rubles. After deducting the amount of the previous lost bet, his net profit equals to 4600 rubles.

It is immediately noticeable that this type of sports betting strategy is very effective, it is only necessary to have a start-up capital for the game, which will cover all possible unsuccessful bets.

Bets on the outcome of the match

Betting on the outcome is the simplest type of betting, where the bookmaker offers the player to guess the possible outcome of the event. In football, there can be three of them - a win for the guests, a win for the hosts or a draw. Two popular strategies related to the outcome of matches are betting on the clear favorites or hosts of the match. In some Championships and tournaments, such as the Champions League, the winning percentage of the hosts is high. Players rely on this feature when placing bets.

Beginners prefer to bet on favorites with low odds. Superfavorites do win often, but low odds increase the significance of the error. A loss after one lost bet can negate the gains made by three or four previous successfully won bets.

Lately between real dispute arose among players, some state, that it is necessary to bet only on favorites for small coefficients, and others say, that betting on outsiders is much more profitable, hoping on sensation in match. Turning to statistics, you can see that sports betting strategies on outsiders are still more profitable because of the high odds on them (as a rule, it exceeds 3.5). The percentage of unexpected outcomes is not so small and is in the range of 30 %, so betting on the favorite team 10 times 1000 dollars, we are likely to have a negative balance of bets.

With an average odds per favorite of 1.2, this type of sports betting strategy will provide a win of $ 8,400 at a cost of $ 10,000, that is, minus $ 160. But betting on an outsider for 3.5, the player will earn at least $ 50 with 10 bets of $ 1000.

The above three sports betting strategies belong to the gaming strategy group, which also includes strategies for the account, strategy time-match, strategy for total, strategy corridor, strategy Value Betting, which are actively used by both experienced and novice players.

What is the meaning of betting strategies

All experienced and relatively successful players try to choose the optimal betting strategy for themselves or come up with something new. Betting strategy organizes the player's actions, makes him adhere to a strict plan, not to get carried away with betting and not to succumb to a destructive sense of excitement. In addition, the proven strategy works consistently and at a long distance brings profit to the player.

How to choose the optimal sports betting strategy

The choice of strategy should be based on the individual characteristics of the player, his skills and level of knowledge in certain sports. For avid fans who understand the essence of the game it is better to use game strategies. It is extremely difficult to apply strategies in eSports, baseball, tennis without understanding their key features.

If the bookmaker office’s client is far from the world of sports, but still dreams of earning money on sports betting, universal mathematical strategies will suit. For them, the sport does not matter, as they all came from the world of casinos. The player needs only competent execution of calculations according to the provided formulas without in-depth analysis of the features of the match.

Does the choice of betting strategy depend on the sport

If a player uses game strategies, the sport of betting is of great importance to him. For example, the "Middle" works less effectively in sports where there are three possible outcomes of the event. Betting on the outcome of events in live will work better in football than in handball, hockey or basketball. Football, unlike most other team sports, is not replete with comebacks and unexpected defeats of favorites, so live strategies are more effective here.

Gaming betting strategies

Game strategies are completely based on the features of the game, they are based on the laws of a particular sport. Game strategies are not universal. Tactics that lead to results in football rarely are applicable in hockey or basketball.

  • Match outcome

Players actively use several options for betting strategy on the outcome of the match:

Bet for a superfavorite. The undisputed favorite of the match can be determined by a low coefficient: from 1.01 to 1.28. Teams with such quotes win 70-80 percent of the cases.

Bets on the host. In football and hockey, the hosts most often win, and in some tournaments, the percentage of their wins on the tour can reach 90 percent. With a comparable class, the host teams are virtually unbeatable, for example, in the Champions League.

  • Corridor

The corridor strategy also has several options. It is used in bets on total, odds and result. As an example, consider the "corridor" for the result. In a tennis match, a multiple champion and an athlete who is far beyond the top hundreds of the ranking meet. The champion has a low coefficient to win: 1.15. To earn more money, the player divides the usual bet of 1000 rubles into two parts:

  • 900 rubles - for the victory of the favorite;
  • 100 rubles - for less obvious event: 2:1 with coefficient 2.00.

If both events end well for the player, he earns in the amount of 235 rubles. If he made the usual bet of 1000 rubles on the victory of the favorite, he would earn only 150 rubles.

Financial betting strategies with minimal risk

There are also financial types of sports betting strategies that are based on economic calculations and are designed to competently manage the player's capital. These include – martingale, fixed income, Miller rates, the Danish system and a number of others.

Financial strategies are based solely on mathematical calculations and can be used not only in sports betting, but also in the game on the stock exchange. They are not tied to certain sports. The least risky financial strategies include "D'alembert", "Oscar Grind", "Kelly Criterion", "Flat" and "Danish system".

The most acceptable option for a novice player is a combination of gaming and financial strategies for sports betting, which he should choose at his discretion and adhere to them throughout the process of playing in the bookmaker’s office. This combination can be a guarantee of a successful game.

- Strategy "D'alembert”

The amount of the deposit affects the face value of the bet. If the player's first bet loses, the nominal value of the next bet is increased by one (for example, 1000>2000). If the second bet wins, the player reduces its nominal value by one. If the third bet fails, the fourth bet is increased again by one.

- Strategy "Oscar Grind”

The key principle of this profitable sports betting strategy is based on geometric progression. Won and lost bets represent equal value cycles. In a series of losses, the player reduces the nominal value of the bets to the minimum value. When a series of wins begins, the bet value increases. The strategy uses events with high odds on outcomes (a value greater than 2.00). In this cycle, bets are placed until a profit is made. The bet following the winning one is increased by one unit.

- Strategy "Kelly Criterion”

The amount of the deposit affects the nominal value of the bet. If the first bet fails, the player must increase the next bet. If the first bet passes, the next player must reduce.

- Danish betting system

The essence of the Danish system is to increase the amount of bets and odds on events after a loss. The nominal value of the next bet becomes twice as large, and the coefficient increases by 0.5. It is necessary to increase the bet amount and the coefficient until the player wins the bet from the bookmaker. We invite you to receive promo code for 22 bet and place a bet. Victory will be yours!

- Strategy "Flat”

This strategy allows you to bet only with fixed amounts. Personal statistics of the player in the bookmaker office in this case does not matter. Fixed rates do not allow you to quickly lose the pot, but one will not be able to get the jackpot on the "Flat" strategy. This tactic is suitable for stable players who win at least 4 bets from a bookmaker out of 6.

- Strategy "Martingale”

In "Martingale" the rate following the lost increases twice. The essence of this strategy is the principle of playing classic roulette in the casino.

Best live sports betting strategy

Live betting is popular not only among gamblers, but also among prudent strategists. Pre-match layouts can point to a clear favorite, but the game often turns everything around. Sports betting strategies in live involve a thoughtful analysis of the first 15-20 minutes of the game and only then making a bet. For example, if a formal outsider scores first, you can take a chance and bet 1x on it. If the favorite has the clear advantage, you can bet that the underdog will not score a single goal.


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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