NHL predictions

Tampa Bay - Dallas: are the lightnings rehabilitating?
Tampa Bay will play its second match against Dallas on September 22-nd and will try to rehabilitate for the defeat in the opening meeting. Will they be able to do it? Look for the answer in the forecast.
22/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Islanders vs Tampa Bay: who will win Game 6?
The Islanders will face Tampa Bay on September 18 and our website will provide a prediction for that match. Who will win victory in the sixth fight?
18/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Tampa Bay - Islanders: Should we wait for the series?
In the Stanley Cup 1/2, Tampa Bay will face the Islanders for the fifth time. The match will take place at Rogers Place in Edmonton on 16-th September.
16/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Vegas vs Dallas: will it end for the Knights?
Vegas - Dallas prediction for the 5-th match of the Stanley Cup 1/2 finals on September 15-th.
15/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
New York Islanders - Tampa Bay Lightning. ahead of
Edmonton's Rogers Place Arena will host the fourth Stanley Cup semi-final confrontation between the Islanders and Tampa Bay teams. The meeting starts on September 13-th.
13/09/2020, at 19:00 GMT NHL
Dallas vs Vegas: how will match no. 3 go?
On the eleventh, the third confrontation will take place between such teams as: Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights. Will Peter Debourg's charges be able to take the lead for the first time in this series? Or will the sheriffs be able to surprise their opponents?
11/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Tampa Bay vs Islanders: will the Islanders recover from the defeat?
On the 10-th, the second match in the series between teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightnings and the New York Islanders awaits us. Will Barry Troz's charges equalize in the series? Or will the "lightning" be one step closer to the final?
10/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Boston vs Toronto: will the streak end?
The Boston Celtics will face the Toronto Raptors in the sixth match of the NBA Eastern Conference Second Playoff Series
09/09/2020, at 22:30 GMT NBA
Vegas vs Dallas: will the score be equal in the series?
On the ninth, the second game in the series between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Dallas Stars will take place as part of the semifinal stage of the National Hockey League. Will Peter Debourg's charges even score? Or will the sheriffs earn a double advantage?
09/09/2020, at 00:00 GMT NHL
Vancouver vs Vegas: how long will the Canucks last?
On September 4, the sixth and possibly final match in the series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Vegas Golden Knights will take place. Will Peter Debourg's charges be able to finish what they started and advance to the next round? Or will the killer whales demonstrate their character and willpower to win?
04/09/2020, at 01:45 GMT NHL
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