Football predictions

Alaves - Sevilla Match Prediction: bet on the favorite
We offer a prediction for the Spanish championship match, in which Alaves will host Sevilla on January 19-th. Will owners be able to resist this duel? The answer is in our material.
19/01/2021, at 20:30 GMT Primera Division
Leicester City - Chelsea Match Prediction: who has the best chance?
On Tuesday January 19-th, the match of the 18th round of the English Premier League will take place, in which Leicester will host London's Chelsea at home stadium, King Power.
19/01/2021, at 20:15 GMT Premier League
West Ham - West Bromwich Match Prediction: Will the
On Tuesday 19-th of January, West Ham will host West Bromwich in the 18-th Matchday of the English Premier League. Meeting will be held in London.
19/01/2021, at 18:00 GMT Premier League
Bayer Leverkusen - Borussia Dortmund Match Prediction: which one to give preference to?
Bayer is not able to win in four games in a row, but whether the unsuccessful series of pharmacists will last on January 19-th in a duel with Borussia? The answer is in the prediction. What to expect from the meeting?
19/01/2021, at 19:30 GMT Bundesliga
Valladolid - Elche Match Prediction: tournament marathon
We offer a prediction for the match of the Spanish championship, in which Valladolid will host Elche on January 19-th. Do guests have a chance in this duel? The answer is in our material.
19/01/2021, at 18:00 GMT Primera Division
In three matches in a row "Spice" do not lose, but whether the "eaglets" will be able to withstand the match against "Roma" on January 19? You will find the answer in the prediction. How will teams play?
19/01/2021, at 14:00 GMT Italian Cup
Barcelona vs Athletic Match Prediction: Super Cup final
We offer a prediction for the Spanish Super Cup final match, in which Barcelona will play against Athletic Bilbao on 17-th of January. Who needs to win this duel? The answer is in our material.
17/01/2021, at 20:00 GMT Spanish Super Cup
Inter - Juventus Match Prediction: the central match of the round
Inter have scored the most in Serie A, but whether Juventus will hold back the attack on January 17-th, you will find the answer in the prediction. How will the match turn out?
17/01/2021, at 19:45 GMT Serie A
Manchester City - Crystal Palace Match Prediction: what to bet on in the match?
On January 17-th at the Etihad Stadium Manchester City will test Crystal Palace. Hosts are ranked third in the English Premier League with 1 meeting less than their main competitors. Therefore, ? the "townspeople" can easily deal with the middle peasant of the Premier League at home.
17/01/2021, at 19:15 GMT Premier League
Liverpool vs Manchester United Match Prediction: central match of the round
In the central match of the 19th round of the Premier League on Sunday January 17-th, Liverpool and Manchester United will play between themselves. We have assessed teams' chances of success and made a prediction.
17/01/2021, at 16:30 GMT Premier League
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