Cricket predictions

Cricket predictions

Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers Match Prediction: do the guests have a chance?|
Almost midway through the Big Bash League season, Perth Scorchers will be desperate for a result against Sydney Sixers on Wednesday morning to close in on the top-five mix.
06/01/2021, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers Match Prediction: what to put on?|
In something of a rut, Melbourne Renegades will be looking to bring their embarrassing losing streak to a halt when they tackle Adelaide Strikers at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday morning.
05/01/2021, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Thunder Match Prediction: how is the match going?|
Looking to pick up from where they left off in 2020, Sydney Thunder will be hopeful of victory over struggling Melbourne Renegades on Friday morning to begin the New Year on a winning note.
01/01/2021, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Adelaide Strikers vs Perth Scorchers Match Prediction: how is the match going?|
The final Big Bash League game of the year 2020 is here – with Adelaide Strikers and Perth Scorchers set to treat us to a great spectacle at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday morning.
31/12/2020, at 07:45 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane Heat Match Prediction: which rate to choose?|
With the race for playoffs qualification heating up, Hobart Hurricanes prepare to take on Brisbane Heat in this crunch Big Bash League game at the Gabba on Wednesday morning.
30/12/2020, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Stars Match Prediction:who will win?|
A blockbuster Big Bash League game awaits us at the Manuka Oval on Tuesday morning as two in-form sides, Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars go head-to-head.
29/12/2020, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Sixers Match Prediction:effective match?|
Looking to hold onto top-spot on the standings, expect a masterful performance from Sydney Sixers in this Tuesday’s crunchy Big Bash League clash at the Carrara Oval.
29/12/2020, at 07:10 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes Match Prediction:how will the meeting end?|
Another blockbuster Big Bash League fixture will be played at the Gabba on Sunday morning as Brisbane Heat set their sights on toppling Hobart Hurricanes in this crunchy clash.
27/12/2020, at 08:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Match Prediction: what to put on?|
For the 14th Big Bash League fixture of the season, Sydney Thunder prepare to entertain Melbourne Renegades at the Manuka Oval on Saturday morning, both sides tussling for bragging rights and maximum points.
26/12/2020, at 07:15 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21
Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars Match Prediction:we put on the owners?|
A season of good cheer across the world, both Sydney Sixers and Melbourne Stars will set their sights on victory on this Boxing Day clash at the Carrara Oval – hoping to give their supporters a befitting present to end the year on a high.
26/12/2020, at 10:20 GMT Big Bash League 2020-21

Summer is a pause time for football championships and other sports events which are so attractive for betting lovers. So, it is time to turn to cricket predictions. Being an exotic kind of sport for Europe, it is nevertheless very popular in England, India, and other former colonies of the British Commonwealth. However, cricket betting is available all year round as bookmakers offer odds for both the World Cup, English and Australian cups, and small local competitions.

Despite the low prevalence of cricket, the volume of bets is simply huge. The point is that cricket is the number one sport in India and therefore most Indian sports fans bet on it. It is necessary to note that India's population has long passed over a billion people. Considering that there are not many professional bettors in India analyzing cricket match prediction, it is possible to safely speak of a large number of amateur bets.

What is Cricket Prediction?

Modern cricket game formats are as follows:

  • First-class cricket. First-class cricket games can last up to several days. It is the slowest form of cricket and is often played in heavy tactical combat.
  • Twenty20 (T20). The fastest and most spectacular is T20, where the matches are not prolonged for a long time (the average game time is 3-3.5 hours). The T20 is gradually gaining more and more popularity around the bettors from worldwide making online cricket betting tips even more demanded.
  • One-day matches. One Day International or ODI is the golden middle. In these matches, teams try to find a winner within one day, and the game is generally limited to 40 or 50 overs.

Cricket is one of the few sports where professional bettors play Live. The long time stretching of matches allows you to make unhurried decisions. However, you need to be careful, because during the game weather conditions can change several times, and this can make big and unexpected changes to the outcome. Quite often, unexpected results may occur. That is why odds for outsiders in this sport are usually understated. One of cricket win tips is to use a strategy of betting on approximately equal opponents.

Basic cricket bets and their characteristics are:

  • Team win. Typically, bookmakers accept team win bets, but in cricket a draw is possible. If it happens, the bookmaker may refund all the bettors who wager to the team win.

  • Tournament win. Cricket tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so you can analyze the teams and place a bet on the winner of the tournament.

  • Best Batsman / Bowler. In cricket, it is very rare for one player to be significantly better than his teammates. So, the cricket tips from experienced bettors state that such a bet would be very risky.

  • Total points of the best player of the match. A bet on the individual performance of the players.

  • Other bets. Sometimes bookmakers accept bets on the total of wides or run-outs, on the total runs of the first pair of batsmen in a team. Also, you can bet on the team which will score the most runs or run-outs, etc. However, it is better to place such bets only after you fully understand the rules of cricket.

How To Predict Cricket?

The cricket betting professionals able to make the right cricket betting prediction mainly due to their unique analytical strategy. There are several approaches to the analysis of a match, regardless of its format. Let's highlight several main factors that need to be considered when choosing a cricket bet.

Draw results

In cricket, the turn of attack is determined by a simple toss of a coin. Although, this procedure actually has a big impact on the outcome of the game. The team that attacks first in a test match often gains the advantage, as it makes the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball (in cricket the balls are not changing, as in baseball, at the slightest sign of wear).

Weather conditions

It is difficult to name a sport more dependent on weather conditions than cricket. The weather can have a big impact on a test match, especially its duration (cricket is not played under the rain). So, in addition to finding trustworthy online cricket prediction, a bettor should definitely check the weather forecast before placing bets.

Field covering factor

In different countries and stadiums, the pitch coverage can be different ranging from the ground surface to a very short or longer lawn. The coverage can change at the same stadium from season to season, depending on the care.

Condition of teams and players

The factor of the team condition coming up to a particular match should not be overlooked. If in the big series the home team wins the first match, then it often repeats the success over and over, and the guests find themselves in a black streak of failures on an unfamiliar alien pitch.

The longer the game, the richer the live betting

Level 1 cricket matches may last for several days. This makes live betting especially valuable. Cricket is one of the few sports where a large number of pros prefer live betting.


These the factors mentioned above (the weather, wear on the ball and the field, the results of the draw, and others) strongly influence the events of each match. The bettor who closely follows the game during all days is able to gain valuable information for placing winning bets. Unexpected moments and sudden reversals in cricket often come as no surprise to experienced cricket bettors. Perhaps this sport will seem boring to somebody but the volume of cricket betting is growing every year. Such a sporting event cannot leave aside the real betting fans.

When you decide to make money on cricket bets, simply study the existing extensive information, cricket predictions for free, tips, and advice from experts and try to win. Nevertheless, novice players should remember that no safe betting strategy exists. For profitable betting, you must seriously study all the nuances of the rules, information about teams, stadiums, field coverings, etc. constantly improving and modifying your analytical approach. Also, to maximize your income - use 1xbet promo code ODDS2WIN and get 130% bonus on your first deposit.

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