Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Biathlon, Baseball

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Biathlon, Baseball

Betting on Football / Soccer

Because football tops all game popularity ratings, needless to say that so does betting on football. No wonder, the ever-boiling global football craze provides ample ground for bookmakers, and odds are calculated with enviable precision. There is no significant difference in odds between different bookmakers. The abundance of information about past, present and future football matches combined with interviews given by players and coaches and published in all media resources allows people to be analytical about what's going on and makes people want to earn fast money by betting on football. Information about football players' mood, health, traumas, game result statistics etc., makes football matches relatively predictable. It is not uncommon for gamblers to try to earn on wrong odds.

If you have watched a match, you can predict the result in a way. Since many football matches are shown online on various soccer betting resources, you can go for it and start betting any time. One of the most important things about soccer betting is your own opinion. It is not advisable to take the majority's opinion on trust, because the majority often makes wrong judgments.

Thanks to football's tremendous popularity, there is a wide variety of odds, which totesports give for matches. That means that there are dozens of ways you can bet of football, for example, you can bet on yellow and red cards, different types of kicks. Also, you can bet on game results and specify the number of goals scored by this or that team or even player.

As a rule, it is possible to bet on soccer during the main playing time. However, rules may differ from one totesport to another. Before placing your bets, please, make sure you are dealing with an ethical and client-oriented bookmaker and bet on soccer online.

Ice Hockey

Hockey is the second most popular sport in the civilized world much because it is highly dynamic and in many ways less predictable then football. For this reason, hockey betting is a little riskier than football betting. It is hardly possible for both gamblers and bookmakers to put all factors together at once so odds often turn out to be wrong. This adds a touch of intrigue to hockey betting and the most ardent and go-getting gamblers really appreciate betting on hockey. Accidents take place more frequently and there is a stronger likelihood of traumas. Not infrequently, it happens so that the team you have had all reasons to consider the strongest one so far, suddenly loses without scoring a point. And, vice versa, cases whereby the team that has lost a series of games over a short while, beats the seemingly strong opponent black and blue, are no less common.

With hockey gambling, various factors affecting game results must be taken into consideration. Because hockey matches take place more often than football matches, the length of intervals between games is paramount. Physical condition of players and their mood are also important. Because hockey seasons are longer than football seasons and contain larger numbers of matches, players are replaced more frequently. This is what makes hockey much less predictable than football.

Statistics shows that so called closed teams appear to be more likely to win. These teams exercise power hockey, and it seems to have gained popularity in the 2000s. Although major leagues are striving to limit the use of power, this tactics has proven more effective.

As a rule, betting is organized according to periods, so gamblers can bet on the outcome of each period alternatively. Not uncommonly, reputable totesports allow for betting on exact numbers of points scored by a particular player.

If you have decided to bet on your favorite team, please, make sure you have chosen a reliable bookmaker and read the rules very carefully!


Although tennis gamblers demonstrate high winning ratios, it does take a lot of knowledge, experience and devotion for a gambler to bet successfully. In order to win on tennis, one must understand this sport. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind, such as players' mood, health, physical condition, experience, preferences, etc. For example, a gambler must know what kind of courts there are and which one is the most preferred for a particular player. Weather factor is also important. Different players have different weather preferences. Sometimes they can be judged by the region where the player comes from.

Traumas are also a crucial factor. It is not uncommon for players to conceal their health issues.

In tennis, very much depends on players' schedule, so in order to bet successfully, gamblers should monitor them. It is hardly possible to keep track of many players at once, so it is advisable to choose a group of your most favorite players and follow them. Like with any sport, betting on tennis requires that you are well aware of the game's rules. If you have gone in for this sport in your life, you will have less difficulty figuring it out. Betting on odds alone is usually unsuccessful and such gamblers are not regarded seriously.

Bookmakers provide various betting options. For example, you can bet on separate sets, mistakes, time-breaks, etc. Before you go for it, please, make sure you have studied the rules of the sports and the bookmaker's rules!


Basketball is one of the least predictable sports in terms of betting. This is a kind of sports where favorites often lose and outsiders often win. However, basketball betting online attracts a lot of gamblers, who often prefer to bet with handicaps. Gamblers enjoy an opportunity to choose from large numbers of handicaps presented by bookmakers. At the same time, there is often too many or too few handicaps. For this reason, gamblers often experience difficulties adjusting their bets on outcomes. Although basketball betting online statistics shows a considerable winning percentage, the risk is very high.

In a case whereby a team has gone ahead of its opponent far enough to make things look evident, the players may relax and miss a lot of scores almost instantly. This happens because in such situations coaches often allow players to take a rest and invite young players to join the action. Not infrequently, players start showing off and hotdogging in front of their fans trying to perform tricky throws, which mostly fail. Therefore, it is advisable for gamblers who are going in for basketball betting online to bet on matches with similar odds on victory and on non-handicap matches.


This winter sport has triggered a heated debate between bookmakers and gamblers. Biathlon is a highly dynamic sport, and many people believe that outcomes often depend on the juncture of circumstances, which is true in a way. Therefore, bookmakers usually present high odds to compensate for the sport's poor predictability. At the same time, things are less accident-dependent than many people think. This is a kind of sport where a lot of things depend on participants' physical and mental state, which is usually unstable, as are the results they show. Even a champion may suddenly break down and do much worse in the next race. In order to bet on a player, a gambler should have spent a due amount of time studying and monitoring the player.

Betting on the player's results alone is not advisable. It is much better to draw conclusions relying on several previous races. It is also useful to know the exact biathlon activities this or that racer is good at. Some biathletes show great speed, while others appear to be better at shooting. There are different types of biathlon, in which accuracy while shooting and speed have different degrees of importance. Therefore, it is imperative that gamblers are well familiar with the rules of the sport. Weather is also an extremely crucial factor, so it is highly advisable for gamblers to monitor weather forecasts. These are readily available online. Statistically, both bookmakers and gamblers do better on pursuits and relay races.


Because baseball is not as common in Europe as it is in the USA, few Europeans are familiar with its rules and hence there are few baseball gamblers in Europe. At the same time, it is quite popular with bookmakers, who, knowing all the ins and outs of it, rarely make mistakes. Another reason why it is not advisable to Europeans to bet on baseball is that it is not much broadcast on European TV. However, if you are a US citizen, you have all sorts of opportunities to dig it and start betting as soon as you feel confident enough.

General recommendations

If you are strongly determined to go in for sports betting, you should choose the sorts you know better, even if it is not the most popular one. Choosing two sports - a summer sport and a winter sport - will be a good idea. Last but not least, please, be careful choosing a bookmaker!


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