Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Whilst Ice hockey has been widely associated as a North American sport, many more countries around the world are starting to embrace it. Many European countries such as Norway, Sweden Iceland and even the UK have elite leagues in their own right, whilst also competing with national teams at major international meets such as the Olympics. The biggest demographic region for the sport still resides in that of North America and in particular, Canada, with the NHL attracting millions in viewing figures.

The NHL still bodes the largest and competitive domestic leagues as 30 franchises do battle to eventually win the ‘Holy Grail’ of Ice Hockey in the Stanley Cup. Whilst the majority of players reside from the US and Canada, the increase in the popularity of the game around the world is ever apparent with players from more than 20 countries represented in the NHL alone.

As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, as do the betting markets of which consume a high percentage of NHL games. The size of the betting markets aren’t on a scale as some major sports from around the world such as Soccer, American football and basketball, but nevertheless, you can be assured that the majority of the top online bookmakers will hold Ice Hockey in high regard producing comprehensive markets as a result.

Ice Hockey Betting Sites

You’ll be hard pushed to find an online bookmaker without some sort of betting markets for Ice Hockey. What you will find is that European bookmakers will vary greatly in the coverage that they show for Ice Hockey events around the world.

One of the widest variety of Ice Hockey markets can be found at 1xBet who promote not only all NHL games, but also most of the major leagues around Europe Including Czech 02 Extraliga, Finnish SM-Liga, German Eishockey Liga and Russia KHL, to name but a few.

Bettors at 1xBet can take advantage of a L200 betting bonus when they register a new account today. Your first deposit will be match 100% up to a maximum of L200.

Ice Hockey Betting Information

There are three ways in which you can bet on Ice Hockey. The first system is by using decimal odds, where a bookmaker will set a line and you simply place a bet at those odds. This system will be most familiar with European bettors.

The second comes in the form of money line betting. It’s similar to the decimal odds system in the fact that you will be betting on who wins the game, but the layout will differ. Here’s an example of a money line bet:

  • Detroit Red Wings: -230
  • New York Rangers: +245

If you choose Detroit to win the game and want to win $100 then you would have to wager $230. If you in fact decide to bet on New York Rangers (underdogs) at +245, a $100 bet would earn you $245 (plus stake back). It’s important you take note of which team is + or -.

The second system is Puck Line betting and works similarly to that of handicap betting in Europe. It’s the most common form of betting in the US for sports such as the NHL.

  • Detroit Red Wings: -1.5 +142
  • New York Rangers: +1.5 -154

The puck line shows where one team is handicapped by a certain number of goals. Basically if you look at it as the game starts as New York trailing and Detroit winning, then the game plays out and the handicap is brought into play. So if you bet on New York and they were to lose by just 1, then you would still claim the victory after the handicap deductions.


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