Handball Betting Tips

Whilst to many handball isn’t as well known as your major sports such as football, rugby and tennis, Handball is massively popular across continental Europe where millions of people participate in leagues around the continent. The game involves 6 outfield players and goalkeeper and the object is to score more points than your opposition. Games last for an hour, two 30 minute periods, with goals per team often exceeding that of 20.

The highlight of the domestic Handball calendar comes in the form of the Handball Champions League. The league has been dominated by teams from both Spain and Germany in recent years with a team from one of the two nations coming out on top in the last 6 years. Internationally the sport reaches its pinnacle at the Olympics with France the current men’s champions and Norway the women’s. Internationally the sport is a lot more competitive with the Handball World Championships seeing 6 different nations winning over the last 7 years.

The betting markets in the UK are small for handball, but around the world actually are pretty active with hundreds of millions of pounds being wagered each year in continental Europe and Scandinavia alone. As the sport continues to grow in its popularity, you can be sure to find a host of betting markets pop up at some of the largest betting sites in the world in the not too distant future.

Handball Betting Sites

One of the best sites to bet on handball unsurprisingly comes from one of the oldest and largest online bookmakers in William Hill. The site provides a host of global markets including Spanish Liga, German Bundesliga, Norwegian Postenligaen, French D1, Austrian HLA, Danish Handboldigaen and Swedish Elitserien. They also show a number of matches for free on their live streaming portal of which every registered user can access. You can bet on array of markets including match betting, total goals and handicap betting.

By registering a new account today you qualify to receive a free bet of L25. Simply make a deposit of L25 or more and your bet will be credited to your account to use as you please at William Hill.

Handball Betting Tips

European punters will be fairly familiar with the betting types on offer for handball with the standard fractional or decimal odds calculations being put in affect. Their match betting lines are simply where you can bet on the outcome of a game, win, lose or draw.

Handicap betting also comes into the foray for handball. Handicaps work on a basis of how big a favourite the bookmaker deems one team to be over the other. From this assumption the bookmaker will offer the team a certain positive or negative balance for points before the game starts. Let’s say Team A were at +10 and team B at -10. If you backed team A to win the handicap then they would need to win by 10 clear points or more. If you backed Team B to win then they only need to lose by 10 or less points and you would still claim the victory.

The third market comes in the form of total goals for a game. The bookmaker will set the over/under line and you can then bet accordingly.

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