Cycling Betting Tips

Cycling Betting Tips

While it may not have a big following such as other sports, cycling betting is steadily becoming one of the most sought after in the betting industry. The emergence of a new Tour de France champion and the popularity it garnered from the Olympics has helped it reach new heights. In the following section, you will find the different types of cycling betting that will guide you on how to bet on cycling.

Understanding Grand Tours Bet

In Grand Tours Bet on Cycling, the three biggest cycling events will always have a market for punters. With Tour de France as an example, outright winners have their own odds. It does not matter if your favourite racer does not finish fastest in a segment, as long as he is the eventual winner of the yellow jacket.

Understanding Stage Cycling Bet

For those who want a faster paced style, then stage cycling bet is for you. You get to choose among the racers who will post the fastest time per stage. This does not have anything to do with the ultimate outcome of the race, as long as your racer logs in the fastest in the segment.

Understanding ‘Bet Team’ Classification

As with different sports, cycling is actually a team sport. Cyclists are usually made up of teams and more than one represent a specific group. If you feel the odds of you winning may increase by choosing a team to win, instead of a particular individual, then ‘Bet Team’ classification may be the market for you to engage in cycling betting.


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