Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Betting Tips

There are many different markets in cricket betting. Most of it depends on the tournament being played. But whether the Ashes, Twenty20 Internationals or simply One Day tournaments, there is always something for everybody.

Learn Outright Betting

If you fancy a specific team’s chances of winning the whole thing, then going through outright betting is for you. An outright winner means that they will be the champions in the whole tournament, not necessarily a specific test or day alone. Aside from betting on a cricket winner, you can also predict team’s final position, bet on a number of season points or guess on a player that will score most goals. The number of outright bets is increasing every season and which are becoming popular among the players.

Learn Match Betting

Betting on cricket includes Match betting. This market concentrates on the specific match at hand. For example, Yorkshire play Durham, then both teams will have a specific price set on them and you choose which one you believe will win you the most money this is how to bet on cricket with this kind of market.

Knowing Cricket Top Batsman Betting

In a competition where scoring more always gets you a victory, then all eyes are on the cricket top batsman. Whether scoring runs or simply trying to prevent the loss of a wicket, a capable batsman is always a good thing to have.

Understanding Special Bets

There are always specific markets open for a cricket match, that’s where Specials bets occur. As an example of a Special bets, the recently-concluded Ashes saw England beat Australia. When they are to meet again in the future, Ashes Specials should be around such as “England will retain Ashes” so if you are confident enough to predict what may happen then looking at these markets will only help.

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