Betting in Field Hockey

Betting in Field Hockey

Field hockey, as it is called to set it apart from ice hockey, street hockey and indoor hockey, is played with curved sticks and a hard ball between two teams comprising of eleven players each. The hockey field is quite smaller in comparison to the football field with a smaller goal post on either side to defend.

Rival team employs various techniques such as shooting, dribbling, passing, scooping to approach near the rival’s goal post. There is a half diameter demarcation with centre of the goal post as the foci. Once the rival player enters into the D area, they may attempt to make goals. The game has all the nuances of a football game with fouls, offside, penalty shoots and penalty corners.Hockey is very popular. Several international tournaments take place every year. The global governing body, the International Hockey federation, organizes World cup Hockey for men and women and it also makes and amends rules.

Field hockey has a history which dates back to 1200BC. The modern form of game was developed in England sometime in early 19th.century. The game was taken to India by British in 1885 where it became the national sport with 5 consecutive wins in the world Olympics. With power play and astro turf, now the focus has shifted to European countries that are found to have taken the top places in world ranking.

Betting on hockey is generally of the spread type or the money line type. In Spread betting, odd makers bring out several sports book asking you to hit anticipated point difference after the game is over. The team favored to win is given a minus sign and the underdogs are given a plus sign. If the spread is -5 then one has to win by more than 5 points to win a bet. There are several others mode of betting such as “Run Line’, “Goal Line”, “Puck Line” popular in hockey.


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