American Football Betting Tips

American Football Betting Tips

Whilst the name, American Football, suggests that its sport played by American’s, in America, this is not necessarily the case. There’s no doubt that the majority of players and fans certainly do come from the US, but the sports global appeal is massively growing with countries around the world such as Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Spain and United Kingdom having competitive leagues of their own.

The majority of betting revenue does come from the US with the main appeal being that of the NFL (National Football League) and College football (NCAA). Billions are trader each year on both leagues and it’s without doubt one of the largest sports betting platforms of any kind, even though it’s predominantly from the US markets.

The NFL compromises of 32 franchises that fight it out over a gruelling schedule to win their respected geographical leagues. The winners of the leagues then enter a knockout stage of the tournament (the playoffs) before battling it out to get to the final or more commonly known as the Super bowl. The Super bowl is one the largest viewed sports events in the world with hundreds of millions of people tuning in each year to view what is now an almost cult following.

For American football to continue to grow, the worldwide exposure needs to enlarge. Playing regular season games outside the US in countries such as the UK have been deemed a huge success and will add to the juggernaut that is American Football.

NFL Betting sites

There are few sports betting companies out there that apply so much time and dedication to their American football markets then that of 1xBet. They cover every game from NFL, NCAA, CFL and a host of European leagues also. The diversity of the site allows you to select from three different kinds of bets including spread betting, money line and total. They offered featured events and games along with a host of live betting options when the games kick off.

By registering a new account today you can take advantage of their generous offer of a free L10 risk free bet. After you have registered, simply deposit and place a bet of L10 or more and the free bet will be credited to your account to use as you please.

Types of American Football Bets

Most American based bookmakers have different betting layouts and also bets that may not be familiar to that of the European bettor. American football is no different and you can come across an array of different betting options. The most common come in the form of points spread betting and money line betting.

Points spread betting is basically where the bookmaker gives one team an advantage before the game to even things up a little. The odds are then formed as a result of the points spread. For example, each game there will be a team with plus or minus points before the game stars. If a team were -7 at the start of a game (or a converted touchdown) then that team would need to win by more than 7 points for you to win the bet. If they win by exactly 7 then the game is known as a ‘push’, where it’s classed as a tie you receive your stake back.

On the flip side, if the opposing team is -7 then they must get to within 6 points or less to claim the winning bet. Again, 7 points exactly and the result is a push.

The other form of betting options comes in the form of the money line. This where you simply bet on who you think will win the game with no handicap on either team. American odds will look slightly different that of the European decimal odds, but will essentially mean the same thing. If you are unsure as to what the odds really mean then you can use a betting calculator to check your lines.


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