Tote Scoop 6

Tote Scoop 6

The Tote Scoop 6 is the horsey equivalent of the Lottery for the more discerning. Both offer gamblers the potential to win large sums for a very small amount wagered.

Over 100,000 players every week are investing in the Tote Scoop6, in the belief that they are in control of their destiny regarding the wager. To an extent, they are correct, and they certainly have far more control than is the case in the National Lottery.

Odds exceeding 14 million to one control the Lotto. The Tote Scoop6 punters can lower their odds dramatically, by deciding the horses they will nominate to carry their cash.

Apologies for going on about this, but the Lottery is an example of everything that is wrong in today's society - a quick fix, characterless contest. It can't be compared to the moronic pursuit of the plastic balls to the Sport of Kings. Punters investing in the Tote Scoop6, know that months of effort have helped to produce everyone of the six races that make up the Tote Scoop card each week.

Just watching a jockey, weighing less than 8st, trying to control half a ton of thoroughbred should be enough to convince you of the Scoop6's supremacy. Anyway, your money is surely far better spent supporting an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people, than on the corporate, tacky Lottery.

Anyone with a brief interest in racing will explain to you how they were affected by the loss of Persian Punch in April, and how racing brings ou strong emotions, both good and bad for different reasons. There isn't a weekly or monthly magazine for 'Lotto' supporters, or television programmes that attempt to educate punters predicting which ball might be drawn in any particular sequence!

Scoop6 Tactics

The Tote Scoop6, then, is for the skillful client. The punter will make a selection of short-priced favourites, or choose more speculative runners, if they're trying to win the swag for themselves, not wanting to share the dividend with anybody else.

You can insure against losing, if for example you have picked the first four winners, by laying horses on the internet.

The Tote placepot part of the wager presents investors the opportunity to win plenty of cash without actually selecting a winner at all!

The possible rewards on Tote Scoop6 are considerable. Firstly, the Place Fund is a useful consolation if you don't land the big win, but all your choices are placed. The average dividend pays €572, which is comparable to the average placepot return. The dividend can alter dramatically, but as most of the races feature competitive TV racing with good size fields, there is consistently the potential for a four-figure return.

If you succeed in winning the 'Win Fund' by selecting all six winners, you'll be getting an average payment to date of around €93,000. Once more, the dividend will vary depending upon the size of the rollover pool and the number of winners. It's worth taking note that the Win Fund return for Tote Scoop6 regularly beats the equivalent SP accumulator bet. If you're a single winner there's the possibility of an absolutely monstrous win.

As well as the Win Fund, there's always the chance of the Bonus the following week. The Bonus can be arduous to win, so rollovers build up fast. The normal Bonus return to date stands at just under €200,000, with the record payout being €853,245, landed by a syndicate at Newmarket - an excellent return on top of the Win and Place winnings the previous week!

About 85% of Scoop6 investments come through individual players, with syndicates making up the rest of the pool. Syndicates are accessible to anyone who wishes to team up with family, friends or work colleagues, who can put together their resources and enter permutations that give such clients a more realistic chance of scooping the pool.

Many heads are better than one

One method used by syndicates is to select two runners in what appear to be the four hardest races to judge, and pick on just one horse in the other two events. The total amount for such a wager would be €32, via a 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 entry, which equals sixteen bets (at €2 per line).

Going back to basics, just ask yourself what is the realistic price of selecting the first ball that drops out of the 'Lotto' machine. The response of course is 48/1, whilst (before form is analysed) the price of any horse to win a ten-runner event (as an example) is 9/1.

Sceptics would imply that 'Lotto' players have six chances (via the number of selections), which reduce those 48/1 odds. I would say realistically, that the further you get into the 'competition', the harder it is to win.

When the fifth ball is revealed, for example, the realistic odds for a chosen number to emerge are 43/1. If you match this to the sixth and final leg of the Placepot, and you will quickly determine that the further you go in the Tote Scoop6, it'll be simpler to ensure that you do not lose on your original stake. That's a situation that is impossible to organise within the lottery format.

Lottery players could disagree that the 'bonus ball' enters the equation after the sixth ball is drawn, but Tote Scoop6 investors could respond by suggesting that the 'place fund' is still running for them, if their first five selections had won.

Finally, I should endorse the cynic's view that good causes have seen only a small percentage of the National Lottery money, which was assured many years ago, unlike the fat cats, who have been lapping up the cream for the last ten years.

If you compare this to the racing world, all the profits that emerge from the Tote Scoop6 go back into the horse racing industry. Take a look back to the earlier paragraphs of this article if you wish to know why that can only be a good thing.

In brief, brainless balls are for losers - salute the Tote Scoop6!


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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