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An unsurpassed virtuoso of the leather ball, a talent from God, three times the winner of the poll for the title of the best football player on the planet in a season - all this is about the legendary Ronaldo, who rightfully entered the history of world sports as a unique talent from Brazil.

The brilliant striker was born on September 22, 1976, in a simple family living in one of the districts of Rio de Janeiro. Ronaldo’s father was an ordinary employee in a telephone company and was using Betwinner sign up offer. But like the vast majority of Brazilians, he passionately loved football. Already at the age of 8, he gave his son the first real ball and soon took Luis Nazario de Lima to the school of the Valqueire team.

The huge talent of the boy was visible to everyone who watched his game, and it took quite a bit of time for him to be called the new Pele. Ronaldo received the nickname "Phenomenon" almost immediately after the first matches in the "Cruzeiro" for the ability to somehow incomprehensibly change the direction of movement across the field at the highest speed. Such a virtuoso could not be ignored by the breeders of European clubs.

The Dutch PSV in 1994 became a springboard for the young scorer in terms of career growth. The owner of Inter Milan, Massimo Moratti, at first was stingy to satisfy the financial appetites of the PSV leadership, and Ronaldo moved to Barca and also made contact to advertise Nike products. Here, "Critter" was supposed to be a replacement for Romario, who left the club. By the way, if you are interested soccer prediction for today, we recommend that you follow the link provided.

However, Ronaldo played in the capital of Catalonia for only a season but brought a lot of beautiful goals, dizzying dribbling in the most difficult situations, and feints that baffle opponents. Even multi soccer prediction couldn’t forecast 34 goals in La Liga. This was followed by a transition to Internazionale and then a transfer to Real Madrid in one-star company with Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane. The last European club of the Phenomenon was Milan, where a severe rupture of ligaments practically put an end to his career. True, for some time in his homeland, he played out as part of Corinthians.

A separate line is in the forward's track record of playing for the national team, with which he twice became the World Champion and in 2002 became the best goalscorer in the final stage of the WC.

Stats, records, and jersey number

In total, during the years spent at stadiums in all corners of the globe, Ronaldo played 646 official matches and scored 442 goals in them. To these figures, many guides add 13 scoring shots in 21 unofficial games. In almost all teams, the Brazilian played under jersey number 9; only in Inter, he had to wear No. 10 because his favorite number was busy.

Personal life: girlfriend, net worth, and non-football activity

For a long time in this regard, there was no such stability that every man needed. Ronaldo dated Suzanne Werner for a long time, but she eventually married Julio Cesar. Then he was married for four years to Milene Domingues; after a divorce, he was credited with novels with models Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Oliveira. From different girlfriends, he has 4 children, whom he recognizes and takes care of.

The football player tried to invest the money earned during his sports career in various ambitious projects - he is the owner of the Spanish Valladolid club, a Brazilian racing team, and the founder and marketing manager of 9INE, a club from the suburbs of Miami. While many think he googles on how to bet with Melbet bonus, but still, Ronaldo’s net worth is more than $150 million.

Latest news and rumors

A couple of months ago, the latest news came out that Ronaldo had acquired a 90% stake in Cruzeiro, his first club. The Phenomenon has set itself the ambitious goal of restoring the team's role as the leader of South American football.

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