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To be born in Brazil in 1980th meant huge competition on the football field, but still, Ronaldinho became one of the brightest players in the football nation. The birthday of Gaucho (de Assis Moreira) was on March 21, 1980, in one of the biggest Brazilian cities, Porto Alegre. Of course, the first club in the career of the future superstar became the local team Gremio, where the youngster debuted in 1998.

In three years, Ronaldinho played 125 games and scored 58 goals, and made it from the position of the attacking midfielder, who also could play on the flank. So, in 2001, the French club PSG, which wasn’t as reach as now, paid only $5.5 for the creative player. That was like a win at a hot prediction site, as the Brazilian needed only two season to turn the attention of stronger clubs, and the victory in the World Cup 2002 only facilitated the process. So, in 2003, Barcelona came with a bid of $35.5 million for his transfer.

The Brazilian fastly became one of the leaders of the team and, most of all, one of the brightest players in the whole continent. He won two FIFA Men’s Best awards in 2004 and 2005 and also added a Ballon d’Or in 2005. His magic allowed Barca to be successful in all the tournaments, and in five years, he scored 94 goals and assisted 70 times in 207 games for the Catalans. However, the new club strategy built by Pep Guardiola was focused on the genius of Lionel Messi, while Ronaldinho was forced to leave the club.

So, in 2008, Milan agreed to pay $26.5 for his transfer, while Ronaldinho looked like the man who passed his peak. In three years for the Rossoneri, he scored 26 and assisted 29 times in 95 games, while the club won only a single Scudetto in the season 2010-2011, which also became the last for Gaucho in Europe. The last club that paid for Ronaldinho’s transfer was Flamengo, which agreed to invest $3.3 million in 2011. In just a year and a half, Atletico Mineiro received the Brazilian for free and used him for almost three years, but the Brazilian scored only 28 and 27 goals, respectively.

Before his career finished, Gaucho joined the Mexican club Queretaro in 2014 and, in one year, tried his last forces in Fluminese, where he played only seven games without resulting actions. Betwinner registration India, in contrast, gives the chance to earn and celebrate for everyone. Ronaldinho left the game in 2015, the game where he is considered one of the most skillful and interesting players to watch.

Stats, records, and jersey number

Overall, Ronaldinho was a pretty resulting player, although his main feature was an effective and bright game. Still, the Brazilian scored 197 goals and assisted 162 times in 542 games at the club level. Gaucho also added 33 goals for the national team in 97 games. A few championships in Europe and Ballon d’Or are also among the most prolific achievements for Ronaldinho.

Personal life: girlfriend, net worth, and non-football activity; latest news and rumors

Ronaldinho was among the men who loved football more than girls, so his relations weren’t long with any of his girlfriends. Moreover, he was even married and have children, while the list of the women he dated can be huge, especially if it includes all the rumored cases. Melbet com BD even offers the wager if he has any girlfriend in the future at his 42. Although the Brazilian had problems with a law, his net worth is regarded at the level of $90 million.

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