Global Offensive Betting

Global Offensive Betting

Like many eSports, it is now possible to bet on competitive matches of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this article we will look at how to bet on Counter-Strike, and the range of different betting formats available.

Counter-Strike eSport matches are played by two teams of five players on a series of “maps”. The overall winner is determined by the winner of the most maps. Like other eSports, the most common formats of Counter-Strike matches are best of one (BO1), and best of three matches (BO3).

How the Match Winner is Decided

Unlike many other eSports such as DotA 2 or League of Legends, it is the team who accumulated the most match points who is determined the winner of a match rather than the team who completes allocated tasks or defeats all of the opposition players.

Teams take turns playing as either terrorists or counter terrorists until both teams have played each side 15 times. The winner of each round earns a point towards the overall match score, and the team with the most points at the end of the 30 rounds is declared the winner of the match. If the scores are tied at the conclusion of the 30 rounds, overtime is played to determine the winner.

Counter-Strike Betting

Typically there are three type of betting on Counter-Strike, the overall winner of a tournament, moneyline match betting and handicap match betting.

Moneyline betting on Counter-Strike simply means betting on which team you believe will win the overall match. This is the team who wins overall from either the best of 1, or best of 3 matches.

In handicap betting, an outside team is allocated either points or maps as a head start over their opposition. These additional points or maps are added to the teams final score (including overtime), at the end of the match, meaning that a team losing at the moneyline can win at the handicap.

Handicap betting is a way to even out the teams from a betting perspective and allow punters to find teams which may not win the match outright, but who have the ability to win with a handicap. Punters can also bet on the favourite to win in spite of the handicap against them.

Bookmakers such as 1xBet offer markets on all the major online and office Counter-Strike tournaments making it easy to bet on Counter-Strike matches from around the world.

Tournaments covered include:

  • SLTV StarSeries
  • ESEA Seasons
  • Caseking of the Hill
  • European Championships
  • FACEIT2019
  • Hitbox Arena Championships

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