Risk-Free Profit by Placing an Arbitrage Bets

Risk-Free Profit by Placing an Arbitrage Bets

In economics and finance arbitrage is defined as a situation when using the price difference of two different markets it is possible to get a position with a risk-free profit. Same kind of risk-free situations exists continually in sport betting market and many punters are trying to take advantage of that by placing one bet per each outcome with different bookmakers that leading to a risk-free return regardless of the outcome of the sport event.

At a point of a time it is typically possible to find a lot of events where an arbitrage profit of less than 1 % can be wagered. Sometimes especially when the bookmakers are opening the sport betting for early markets or when the odds are changing due to the new information disclosed about line-ups etc. it is possible to find as high arbitrages as more than 5% per event. However, to take advantage of this the punters need to be following the odds very closely and intently and bet these arbitrages fast because there are always other arbitrageurs doing the same which sooner or later will cause the odds to balance such that the arbitrage situation no longer exists.

Making profit by betting sport arbitrages?

The readers of this page are probably thinking whether it is possible to make a significant profit by betting only arbitrages. Yes, it is possible. But it requires that you have sufficiently high bankroll, you are able to use a lot of time by betting arbitrages and you have a good and fast internet connection. Also it would be recommendable to have at least two monitors on a good computer which allows you to wager the best without delay.

However, due to the reason that the arbitrage situations are disappearing rapidly in the market, to get enough turnover and to make easier your arbitrage betting it is almost necessarily to have a special software which reveals the arbitrage situations and allows the punter to bet them sufficiently rapidly by automatically logging in the web pages of the bookmakers.

Problems and risks of sport arbitraging?

Even though the term arbitrage itself refers to a risk-free position the sport arbitraging is not risk-free and there are several risks to be considered. The major practical risk of placing arbitrage bets occurs at the time of the wagering when a suitable arbitrage is available. Due to the reason that the arbitrage situations don’t last long in the market an arbitrageur must be able to bet every outcome before any of the available odds have been declined. If an arbitrageur fails to do that normally he has to wager a bet with a small sure loss instead of the sure win that was available a moment before.

Another significant risk of the arbitraging can occur if the rules for the bet vary between bookmakers. This is not a common problem in most of the team sports but especially important to consider when wagering tennis bets for example. Bookmakers use different kind of interpretation of the bet when a player suspends the match. Some of the bookers may cancel the bet and some of them may consider the bet to be valid depending e.g. on how many sets have already been played.

Also the lack of liquidity may cause severe problems for arbitrage betting. Some of the bookers limit the amount of withdrawals per month, charge a fee for a withdrawal or somehow try to limit the amount of the withdrawals which may lead to the lack of the liquidity if an arbitrageur has his funds stuck in a booker. Deposits generally are instant but also in many cases the time of the withdrawal can be days or even weeks which also can aggravate the liquidity problem. By using Skrill, former Moneybookers, an arbitrageur can try to facilitate the liquidity transfers between sport bookmakers. It is generally the cheapest, safest and fastest way to transfer funds online and for VIP customers they also have an attractive bonus system where it is possible to earn money by depositing.

And to end up with it must be said that all of the risks mentioned above are easily tolerated though they require consideration. When placing arbitrage bets for a long time to different bookmakers the final and the most complicating problem will be that nearly all of the sport bookmakers don’t want to allow winning or arbitrage bettors. So they are monitoring them and sooner or later will restrict the bet limits of the player they see permanently winning. Luckily there are some sport bookers that never limit the bets or arbitrageurs. They are PinnacleSports, SBOBet and all of the betting exchanges like Matchbook or Betfair. Bookers like Nordicbet, Unibet, Betway, William Hill, Paddy Power are very known of their easy tenderness of bet limiting.

How much money can really be made and how much bankroll does it need?

To take a real advantage of arbitrage betting and software like Rebel Betting it is never recommendable to start placing arbitrages with a bankroll lower than ten thousand (10000) euros. Otherwise it is probable to suffer from a lack of liquidity very often when transferring funds from sport bookmakers to another or waiting the pending arbitrages.

However, with a bankroll significantly over 10000 euros available for betting, it is quite easy and simple to do a profit which very fast covers the costs of the Rebel Betting and also a nice profit per month. Sports arbitraging can be done almost 365 days a year but the summer months from the June to August are probably with a slightly less action normally since many major sport series are taking a summer break.


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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