Psychology of the Winner

Psychology of the Winner

We often hear expressions such as "it was pure luck", "lucky day" or "lucky stiff". All of this is lame excuses of the ignorant people. Fortune never comes unsought. You can be lucky once, but if a person wins at the bookmaker's office regularly, the luck has nothing to do with it.

It seems more reasonable to talk about the professional attitude towards the business but not the fortune. If you decide to mind some worthy business, you'll have to give yourself up to this business completely. You need to put life in it and be patient. What is the difference between the punter at the bookmaker and most gamblers? First of all, this is a serious attitude towards the gambling as a source of income. The professional analyses thoroughly both the sporting events (matches, racings etc.) and tournaments and championships in whole. In addition, he takes into account a great number of factors the ordinary gambler has no idea about. You need to remember that the bookmaker's specialists who use well-developed techniques of odds calculation and special software products play against the gambler.

The System Approach

Indeed, the strong analysis plays an important role but not the key one. No matter how thoroughly you analyse the match, you'll get just your percent chance for each match outcome. You'll be able to realize that the bookmaker underestimates the probability of a certain outcome and underpays for it. Let's suppose that you bet on this outcome; in any case, your chance to win won't be 100%. The punter doesn't need it. What is important is that you earn in case of making 10 bets on the underestimated outcomes! You should realize that a single win doesn't make much sense unlike your positive balance within a long period of time. As mentioned above, there is a lot of gambling strategies and systems. However, what really matters is that all bets are made according to the predetermined plan and the professional makes a bet only if all the factors fit. The punter at the bookmaker would never make a bet on some team's victory just because "it seems to him that's right". It is essential to realize that you shouldn't make thoughtless bets and depart from your own plan.

The Plan Correction

Everybody makes mistakes. Those who earn now at the bookmakers didn't start winning one day at a time. Initially, they used to make mistakes and lose. Nevertheless, the serious attitude towards the business does miracles. First of all, you need to swallow your pride and realize: no matter how deep your knowledge of sports is; players who participate in the matches do not care about your opinion. They don't know about you and play to the best of their abilities. This is the objective fact, while your opinion is exceptionally subjective. Even if everybody claims that this team is going to win, it doesn't mean it will certainly do. You don't need to fight the objective reality, just stick your opinion ... well, you know where.

This doesn't mean you have to lose heart. You need to learn from your mistakes. Having lost the bet or a series of bets, you should thoroughly analyze the reasons and mistakes. It is essential to know whether the false step was taken in analysis or calculations. This is not a piece of advice, but the necessity. You shouldn't correct your plans unless the reason is revealed and proved. Once done, you can modify your gambling system or try with small bets.

The Capital Control

Let's imagine two players who sit at the table and spin a coin. If the face-up side is "heads", the first player will have to give EUR 1 to the second player. If the face-up side is "tails", the second player gives EUR 1 to the first one. If they have a lot of money, they will play endlessly and, in fact, nobody will be the winner. Most likely, they will break even. Now let's modify the game a bit. Let the first player have EUR 100 and the second one - EUR 10. What is going to happen? The "tail" will occur more frequently at one point and EUR 10 of the second player will run out. Therefore, he will lose. Now think about how much money you have compared to the amount owned by the bookmaker...

There is the only conclusion: you shouldn't make high bets. But if you want to break the bank, you are welcome! However, you've got an outside chance to break the bank. The punter does not seek to become rich right away. It progresses slowly but surely. He simply gets his paycheck at the bookmaker's office! If you have EUR 1000, you shouldn't bet EUR 500 two times because if you lose just two times, your game will be over.

Mood Swings

Changes happen in our lives quite often. For example, troubles at work, misunderstanding in the family, funny meetings with friends. Nevertheless, our bets shouldn't be influenced by these events. The punter's rule number one is "no emotions but probabilities and bet amounts only". If someone argues furiously that he knows the outcome of a match for sure, be aware: this person is a loser. He will never win continuously at a bookmaker as he attaches the great importance to his emotions. If it is difficult for you to cope with your emotions, just don't gamble today. Have a kind of two-day vacation, watch the matches just for fun, be a fan and give loose to feelings. Set about the gambling clear-headed.

Successful Person Image

It is easy to imagine a successful gambler. Such person is always the same. He succeeds in any business. He is serious about his work. He takes all details into the account and thoroughly assesses the situation before taking a step. He abandons emotions and walks over dead bodies. The professional clearly knows what he wants and, what is the most important, how to achieve it. Such person knows that he is not going to achieve the goal immediately. He is willing to stand it, learn, improve himself and wait for the result that will certainly come true.


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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