How to choose online bookmaker

How to choose online bookmaker

It takes literally seconds from a quick search into Google to realise that there are hundreds of online bookmakers out there each claiming to have the best odds, the best bonuses, the most markets etc. When in fact there are probably only going to be two or three that fully suit your needs. Throughout this article we will try to make your life a little simpler by suggesting ways in which you can choose the online bookmaker that is right for you.

Before we start with our tips list, we must stress that rogue bookmakers are in operation all over the web. Sometimes you can spot them a mile off, other times they are a little harder to spot. Any site that we promote you can be assured that they are some of the safest and most reliable on the net. It’s a no brainer, but your safety online is one of our main priorities and should be one of yours too. It’s for this reason that we suggest you remain vigilant and keep an open mind before entering any details. If you think it’s a site that is too good to be true or just doesn’t sit right, then simply walk away. For every shady site online, there are tens of others who are reputable and will welcome your trade. By the way, if you want to get football match prediction, we recommend that you follow the link provided and subscribe to the blog section updates.

Let’s get stuck into our tips to choosing the right bookmaker for U!

List of your requirements – It’s important to understand what you want from your bookmaker. Everyone is going to have different needs, so jot down what it is you are looking for. It could be best odds, best offers, range of sports, range of markets, cash out times, account limits, literally anything. Once you know what you want, then you will be better placed to narrow down your search.

Best odds – Take the time to search which sites are offering the best odds for the markets you want to bet on. Sites like are a good source to quickly get a list of odds available on one given market from a host of sites. Bear in mind though the odds on aren’t always 100% correct for that site, so use it as a guide. Whilst some sites may offer the best odds for one sport, they may not necessarily offer the best for the sport that you are looking for. Before registering an account, invest your time into comparing a host of odds for your specific market which in the long run could make you a lot more cash.

Best sign up offers – There’s seldom a site that won’t offer its new customers some sort of betting bonus. Many come in the form of free bets depending on the amount you deposit, but there are also betting bonuses that you can clear over time. If you plan to stick around at the site then often the longer, more drawn out betting bonuses will provide a better return in the long run.

Site reviews – We have reviewed a number of sites on and we give an independent review for each explaining its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to do this and not just go by what the actual site says as they will obviously be totally biased. Try and find as many different reviews as possible for the site in question and see what others are saying. Even better is to search on forums where there will be some very honest remarks.

Live streaming – Some of the larger bookmakers are introducing free live streaming of sports for their customers. Obviously this is a fantastic concept and if you feel you need to watch the games as they pan out, for example if you are live betting, then the free streaming can be a god send.

Market range – Whilst a bookmaker may offer a host of sports to bet on, the markets for the sport could become very limited. Take a look to see how many markets are available and more importantly, if the markets you want to bet on are available. By the way, if you want to get betwinner promo code, follow the provided link. Victory will be yours!

Betting limits – The casual gambler is likely never going to have to worry about any betting limits on their accounts, but for the more serious bettor they can become a real problem. If it’s thousands of pounds you are expecting to bet on any given market then make sure the bookmaker is happy to cover your bets. Often they set limits as to how much you can bet so take the time to see what sort of limits are in place.

Deposit/ Withdrawal options – One of the most important things of any online bookmaker is how comprehensive their cashier is. Not everyone wants to use the same deposit or withdrawal options so see what is available at each. It’s also worth noting the limits on the amount you can transfer in your account. Each method will likely have a different limit and timescale to process your requests.


Art Aronson is a tenured bottom-line professional sports handicapper. He is the best ROI handicapper in the business. He is not your typical handicapper.

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