IPL Odds

IPL Odds


Let's guess: you're looking for a site with the highest odds on the world's most current sporting event. Your search ends here. Here you will find the best conditions, the best events of the proposed bookmakers. By the way, have you forgotten that there is already a countdown to the start of the Indian Premier League cricket tournaments? You will still have time to learn IPL odds and make your gold bet!

How to Bet On The IPL

Cricket is known and loved in many countries from the West Indies and Pakistan to Australia and New Zealand. But in fact it’s as much an integral symbol of Foggy Albion as double-decker red buses, pudding, tea-drinking or monarchy. If you mark on a map the territories where cricket is popular, it will be almost half the world, but for the British, cricket is the same legend as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The sport has been mentioned in literature more often than the ballads of Robin Hood. This passion for the sport was also inherited by the inhabitants of the former colonies of England. Cricket has become as big a love for the people of India as well. As big as masala tea or Bollywood.

The exact origin of cricket is not known, although there are versions that it happened about the late 15th century in the forests of the southeast of England. The essence of the game is a rivalry. Teams take turns attacking and fighting back, using the bat and ball. Points are counted according to the number of goals scored and conceded. What game does it remind you of? Yes, it’s a bit like baseball.

There are several formats varying in length.

We have compiled a list of betting options that may be interesting in our opinion.

  • First of all, it’s a bet on the result of IPL 2021. This is the most important bet. For example, we believe that the most promising team is...OK, let's not reveal our secret, let it be company «X». Next, just make a bet and relax for two months. Well, it certainly won’t be quite a rest, but a pleasant excitement and thrill. But what is great is to celebrate this success!

  • Total. If you understand the tournament format and can easily count the rans, this is fine for you.

  • The winner of the draw. What does it take to win this bet? Intuition? Luck? By the way, if you are a football fan and are lucky enough to bet «What team will start the match from midfield», you can try it— it's pretty much the same, 50/50 chance.

  • Handicap. 1xbet offers a unique betting option and unique IPL betting odds: points and wickets— two in one. You won't find this option on other platforms. The terms of these bets are very attractive. Well worth the effort!

  • The best bowler (pitcher)/ batsman (batter). Well, everything is clear here.

  • The best player. In the same manner as other team sports. It's unlikely to be a player on an underdog team, don't you agree? So keep an eye on the tournament leaders. However, cricket is "too team-based"— it's hard to pick favourites. You need to follow the games for a long time here.

  • The best partnership. Very similar, but a bundle is defined. This is the kind of bet we would recommend for more experienced bettors. You'll need to read not only the sports reviews and see the impeccable camaraderie, but also know what goes on in the changing room before and after the match to do that.

There are bets that are not included in the main line, for example, the exact outcome. You can certainly try, but it will be a choice not from your head, but through emotion.

Choose the most profitable bet and explore your options for winning. But if you are still an amateur and these are your first steps, we advise you to rely on knowledge and analysis more often than luck.

Odds To Win The 2021 IPL

In order to do IPL match odds, you need to watch 3-4 cricket ones and understand the rules and terminology in more detail. Fortunately, cricket is broadcasted regularly and you can get such an experience if needed. First of all, work out your priorities— why do you want to play? Don't be in a hurry to chase big odds, diversify your game. As a reminder, if you bet $10 and the odds are 2, you will get $20 if your bet wins.

You should know that favourites very rarely lose. This distinguishes cricket from other sports. Whereas in football, there are usually a few strong teams in the league, but even so, there are surprises and not infrequently! This is not to say that the IPL final is a foregone conclusion, but that is the trend. Nevertheless, you can try the strategy of Betting on the underdog. You can make a great profit if you win. But in order not to be disappointed if you lose, bet a small amount of money.

The most striking patterns also noted is:

  • home-field advantage plays a huge role in cricket;
  • long trips before the match can give additional fatigue. Look for information on team movements. Don't forget, India is a big country and all cities are far from each other. With a busy schedule, fatigue is bound to affect results;
  • major pitchers are an essential part of the final result, as for baseball. For cricket some players are crucial importance;
  • matches are dragged on for 5 days, can you imagine? Endurance plays a main role, rather than technique and tactics. General conditions of individual athletes and the whole team influences the result, so study the stats and motivations;
  • the weather in India changes very often and changes the gameplay: the warmer— the more active points are scored, the cooler and wetter— the lower the total. Check out the weather in different cities in India during April and May and keep an eye on the weather reports.

We will share another secret, but only with you: your chances of winning your odds IPL in cricket are higher than in other sports such as football. Professional bettors are a feature of the Americas, Japan and South Korea, but cricket is not the most popular sport there. More often than not, emotional amateurs bet on cricket. It makes your task easier, doesn't it?

Best IPL betting sites

There are several striking competitions in the sport, the Indian Premier League tournament among them. The size of the IPL odds confirm that this is not a regional championship, but an event of planetary scale. This is also evidenced by the interest of bookmakers in the tournament.

Let's take a look at the best options.

10Cric. Surely! One might get the impression that this bookmaker has been waiting for the IPL for a whole year. But that makes sense! Isn't that clear looking at the title? The history of the site began in India not so long ago, in 2019. But it's already as popular as the world's best bookmakers. By the way, cricket is the only sport where Indians can bet absolutely free, so they feel at home at 10Cric. But non-Indians are welcome here too— the main thing is to love cricket very much. The rate goes up to 95% or more before the match, while in the playing area it ranges from 91 to 93%. Players receive support in a record 25 minutes, despite all the workload. 10Cric can increase odds on certain games to attract more players. betting odds IPL is no exception. By the way, a Welcome bonus is guaranteed to you.

You can find a wide range of events to bet on, including IPL odds at legal bookmakers 1xBet, Parimatch, Marathon. Live bets are accepted by these bookmakers on excellent terms. Cricket is a very leisurely sport and there is no rush, hurry, or sudden moves. You can watch the game, compare it with the analysis, check your hypotheses— you will have time to place your bets. Of course, you have the advantage.

Melbet. If you want to bet on cricket, Melbet is one of the best options— live betting, a wide range of odds, dynamic online mode, and direct wins at Top Team Batsman. Also look out for Game Day Special Bets

Betwinner. The site has been delighting sports fans since 2007, and is available in 50 languages. wagering conditions are designed in such a way as to reward customers for a large number of bets in a limited time frame, plus playing with express bets. Add a generous bonus, easy sign-up, Welcome bonus, live chat, continuous support and you get a great place to bet IPL bet odds are not yet in full swing, but interest is exceptionally high.

When it comes to cricket, 22Bet and Nairabet are among the leaders. This has been proven by the 2020 Indian Premier League season. The current season promises to be even hotter. The sites have a good reputation, favorable conditions. In any case, a high-quality visualization of the sport is always provided and you can use the visualisations and statistics to place your bets.

While there is still time, spend it studying the game, gathering information and creating a strategy, rather than choosing a bookmaker trust us!

Such a landmark sporting event attracts not only reliable bookmakers but also swindlers. It is worth recalling the situation that took place at the IPL 2020: an Indian citizen was apprehended taking bets at the end of the event! Moreover, this was not an isolated case. The same kind of trouble was happening online as well. Of course, law enforcement agencies and cyber police are taking action, but you should also be concerned about your safety and the safety of your money. It’s important to be careful when choosing a bookmaker. Trust only reliable platforms. This is your personal responsibility.


It's needed to feel the passion and dynamism in calm, methodical play. But if you succeed, you will love cricket forever. Interest in cricket grows every year, This is evidenced by the volume of IPL odds today betting. Please, don't give your chance to someone else, take it yourself.

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