Euro 2020 Fixtures

Euro 2020 Fixtures

The TOP-1 among all tournaments in Europe is the UEFA Champions League. Only the strongest teams that have won national football tournaments pass here. All fans of football and betting are waiting for this event, as it is possible to make profitable bets with bookmakers. The odds for this event are always high, and the list is colossal.

The Champions League takes place every year. The matches are always incredibly intense and spectacular. This is not surprising, because here are the best clubs that go through the toughest selection. Only 32 teams qualify for the group stage. They are divided into eight groups. The game is played in a round-robin, two matches each: at home and the opponents.

Based on the results of the group round, the strongest teams are determined, which will advance to the playoffs. Here the game of elimination has already begun. The decision was made at a UEFA meeting on Tuesday, March 17, which was held in video broadcast due to the outbreak in the world of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Qualifications and stages

League qualifications are based on the UEFA Odds Table. This table takes into account the rankings of football clubs and associations as well as national teams. The national team of each country gains a certain number of points and occupies a certain line in the table. The number of teams that the association has the right to submit to the UEFA Champions League depends on the line number:

  • 16th line and below - 1 command;
  • from 15th to 7th line - 2 teams;
  • from 6th to 4th line - 3 teams;
  • 3rd line and above - 4 teams.

Only clubs that have licenses from their national associations, their stadiums, and appropriate infrastructure are allowed to participate in the League. They must meet the financial requirements of the League and be eligible to compete from UEFA.

The tournament begins with qualifying rounds, where each participating team is required to play 2 matches: at its stadium and away. The teams that showed the best results at the end of the qualifying rounds go to the group stage and are divided into 8 groups, 4 teams in each. Two teams from each group advance to the playoffs, and the one that gets the third place gets into the 1/16 of the Europa League.

Full Euro 2020 Fixtures

Even during the meeting, they must decide whether to stop the national championships among football clubs. As of today, the championships in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, England, and several other European countries have already been "quarantined". The Champions League and the Europa League can be played out in the summer of 2020 - exactly when the Euro was supposed to take place (June 12 - July 12). Earlier, UEFA has already announced that if the situation with the coronavirus worsens, Euro 2020 will be canceled.

Before getting to know the UEFA nations league fixtures 2020, let's see how the draw procedure went:

  • Italy has made a reservation for Group A,
  • Russia - in group B,
  • Netherlands - in group C,
  • England - in group D,
  • Spain - in group E,
  • Germany - in group F.

The only host country that did not secure the right to participate ahead of schedule is Azerbaijan. Denmark, Ireland, and Hungary are still competing for the Euro in the last round and a place in the group to perform at home, so there are no countries in the UEFA euro 2020 schedule. Romania and Scotland will be able to make it to Euro 2020 through the League of Nations playoffs.

Host country status gives the respective national teams the right to play 2 or 3 group round matches at their home stadium. If both host countries have booked a place for themselves in Euro in advance, the draw will help determine who will get the privilege to play all three matches at home.

If, however, one of the two hosted national teams is left ahead of schedule, then this national team acquires this right in advance. It is already known that Italy (in Rome), the Netherlands (in Amsterdam), and England (in London at Wembley) will play all three matches at home. Now let's take a look at UEFA fixtures 2020.

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Despite concerns, Scottish officials said on April 7 that they would allow at least 12,000 fans into the Hampden Park stands - a quarter of the total capacity. Doubts have disappeared - there will be no transfer of matches to England (unless force majeure happens).

Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam

Dutch football officials have already confirmed that at least 13 thousand spectators will see UEFA euro 2020 matches at the main stadium in Amsterdam - they have already provided for a fork up to a third of the capacity, then there will be five thousand more. In the meantime, at the qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup, they tested an experimental scheme for admitting fans: five thousand people were distributed among nine bubbles.

National Stadium, Bucharest

Romanians at Euro 2020 will admit a minimum of 13 thousand people - a quarter of the total number of seats. There, by the way, they recently trained to organize big events: in the spring, the arena hosted Chelsea and Atlético matches in the Champions League playoffs. «We can become a part of a big sporting event and show the whole world that we can meet the necessary organizational and safety standards», said Romanian Sports Minister Eduard Novac.

Parken, Copenhagen

At the end of March, the Danish government announced that during Euro 2020, the stadium in Copenhagen will be filled by 30%, now the official information from UEFA is from a quarter to a third. True, they are considering different scenarios for the development of events. Danish Minister of Culture speaks: «If conditions permit, we will allow more fans. But there is a possibility that the matches will be held without spectators if there is a new wave of the epidemic - it is simply unacceptable to play football with people in the stands in such conditions».

Olympic Stadium, Seville

Initially, the matches of Group E and the Spanish national team were to be hosted by Bilbao. But the government of the Basque Country put forward unrealizable requirements for epidemiological safety - this killed the chances of admitting viewers. As a result, it was decided to move the matches to Sevilla - the option was proposed by the Spanish Football Federation itself. And there they are ready to let 20 thousand fans into the 60-thousandth stadium. The Spanish national team is happy: in Seville, support will be more active than in Bilbao - in the Basque Country, the Spanish national team is not very favored.

Allianz Arena, Munich

In Germany, the number of cases is growing now, so the Germans did not provide any guarantees for admission for a long time and were even indignant - how can you make promises in such a rapidly changing situation. When the question was posed bluntly, the organizing committee announced that 14.5 thousand spectators would be allowed into the stands of the stadium in Munich - 20% of the capacity of the stands. Or even more, if the epidemiological situation allows.

Olympic Stadium, Baku

The Azerbaijani government announced its readiness to fill the arena by 50% - that is, to let more than 30 thousand spectators into the stands. The top teams are not expected there on the group stage, but Turkey's games will generate huge interest.

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

It is in the capital of Italy that the Euro 2020 opening match will take place. But despite the news about the decision to let in about 12 thousand spectators, UEFA has not yet received official confirmation on this matter. Now in Italy, they are developing a plan to make visiting football as safe as possible - there is an option in which fans will be forced to use an application that monitors the epidemiological status - whether they have been vaccinated or passed a test.

If you have a ticket to a stadium, where, as a result, fewer spectators will be allowed than passes sold, you automatically become a participant in the lottery - it will be held by UEFA after April 22. There it will become clear whether you keep the ticket or whether you will receive a refund.

Where to buy tickets for Euro 2020?

  1. On the official website.
  2. Intermediary sites, but, firstly, no one guarantees you the reliability of the purchased ticket if you found this site yourself, and, secondly, by purchasing tickets there, you overpay a lot.
  3. From private resellers, for example, there is a specialized Telegram chat.

To avoid any problems, we present a list of recommended intermediary sites:

  • TicketNetwork;
  • Tiqets.

Fans also have the opportunity to purchase not only a one-time ticket but also a full-fledged “Follow Your Team” season ticket, thanks to which they will be able to attend all the matches of their national team, regardless of where the match itself will be held.

According to the New York Times, football officials voted to change the format of the Champions League. The number of participating teams will be expanded from 32 to 36, they will play in a circle without dividing into groups. Eight teams will advance to the playoffs. Each club is guaranteed to play ten matches.

Real Madrid and Chelsea, PSG and Manchester City will play in the semi-finals of the 2020/21 Championships. Less than a day before the Executive Committee, 12 top European clubs announced the creation of the Super League.


The main feature of the competition is that clubs of the middle and higher categories take part in it, which means that their fans can watch how the teams show themselves against the background of teams of the same level from all over Europe. That is why everyone is so waiting for the start of the promised championship, which was postponed to the current year due to the pandemic. Watching the UEFA 2020 schedule and getting ready for the championship.

The draw

EURO 2020: Meet the teams

Group A (Rome/Baku): Turkey, Italy (hosts), Wales, Switzerland
Group B (Copenhagen/St Petersburg): Denmark (hosts), Finland, Belgium, Russia (hosts)
Group C (Amsterdam/Bucharest): Netherlands (hosts), Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
Group D (London/Glasgow): England (hosts), Croatia, Scotland (hosts), Czech Republic
Group E (Seville/St Petersburg): Spain (hosts), Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
Group F (Munich/Budapest): Hungary (hosts), Portugal (holders), France, Germany (hosts)


Friday 11 June

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (21:00, Rome)

Saturday 12 June

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (15:00, Baku)
Group B: Denmark vs Finland (18:00, Copenhagen)
Group B: Belgium vs Russia (21:00, St Petersburg)

Sunday 13 June

Group D: England vs Croatia (15:00, London)
Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (18:00, Bucharest)
Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (21:00, Amsterdam)

Monday 14 June

Every goal on Spain's road to EURO 2020

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (15:00, Glasgow)
Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (18:00, St Petersburg)
Group E: Spain vs Sweden (21:00, Seville)

Tuesday 15 June

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (18:00, Budapest)
Group F: France vs Germany (21:00, Munich)

Wednesday 16 June

Group B: Finland vs Russia (15:00, St Petersburg)
Group A: Turkey vs Wales (18:00, Baku)
Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (21:00, Rome)

Thursday 17 June

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (15:00, Bucharest)
Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (18:00, Copenhagen)
Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (21:00, Amsterdam)

Friday 18 June

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (15:00, St Petersburg)
Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (18:00, Glasgow)
Group D: England vs Scotland (21:00, London)

Saturday 19 June

Every goal on Portugal's road to EURO 2020

Group F: Hungary vs France (15:00, Budapest)
Group F: Portugal vs Germany (18:00, Munich)
Group E: Spain vs Poland (21:00, Seville)

Sunday 20 June

Group A: Italy vs Wales (18:00, Rome)
Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (18:00, Baku)

Monday 21 June

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (18:00, Amsterdam)
Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (18:00, Bucharest)
Group B: Russia vs Denmark (21:00, Copenhagen)
Group B: Finland vs Belgium (21:00, St Petersburg)

Tuesday 22 June

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (21:00, London)
Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (21:00, Glasgow)

Wednesday 23 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (18:00, Seville)
Group E: Sweden vs Poland (18:00, St Petersburg)
Group F: Germany vs Hungary (21:00, Munich)
Group F: Portugal v France (21:00, Budapest)

The top two in each group plus four best third-placed teams go through.

Rest days on 24 and 25 June


Round of 16

Saturday 26 June

Watch Pirlo's EURO 2012 Panenka penalty against England

1: 2A vs 2B (18:00, Amsterdam)
2: 1A vs 2C (21:00, London)

Sunday 27 June

3: 1C vs 3D/E/F (18:00, Budapest)
4: 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (21:00, Seville)

Monday 28 June

5: 2D vs 2E (18:00, Copenhagen)
6: 1F vs 3A/B/C (21:00, Bucharest)

Tuesday 29 June

7: 1D vs 2F (18:00, London)
8: 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (21:00, Glasgow)

Rest days on 30 June and 1 July


Friday 2 July

QF1: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 (18:00, St Petersburg)
QF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (21:00, Munich)

Saturday 3 July

QF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 (18:00, Baku)
QF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 (21:00, Rome)

Rest days on 4 and 5 July


Tuesday 6 July

SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (21:00, London)

Wednesday 7 July

SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (21:00, London)

Rest days on 8, 9, 10 July


Sunday 11 July

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (21:00, London)

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