“Valencia” - “Athletic”: played out

“Valencia” - “Athletic”: played out


01/07/20 at 17:30 GMT.
La Liga

Odds: 1.74

01/07/20 at 17:30 GMT.
La Liga

Odds: 1.74


On July 1-st in the match of the next round of the championship of Spain, “Valencia” will take “Athletic”. The teams are side by side in the Primera table - hosts are on eighth, guests are on ninth place, but, perhaps, this is the only thing which unites them.

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The main event of the last day was the dismissal of Selades from the post of head coach of Valencia. Albert could not stay at the helm of the team even a year, because he joined the team in September 2019. The expression “landed oneself” suites here just perfectly.

After a good start, a fairly well-staffed team won only twice in 13 matches, which led to a departure from the Eurocup zone and, indeed, eighth place is not for “bats”.

The loser coach was replaced by Voro's duty coach. This specialist has been working in the team since 2002 and has repeatedly performed duties, and he started with the team in the season three years ago.

Six-time champion. After 32 rounds he managed to record 12 victories and 10 draws with a negative balance of goals and goals conceded. The team lost 3 of their last 4 matches and the “orange” beat even “Eibar”. The only bright spot after the resumption of the season was victory over Ossuna (2: 0) and an incomprehensible draw with Levante (1: 1).

The main sniper of the team today is Gomez (nine goals).

Garay, Piccini, Gaia will not be able to take part in today's game, but Diahabi’s participation in the game is still in question.


Athletics and the coach have everything in order so far - Gaiska Garitano has been at the helm for two years. Apart from that what claims may be to the young specialist if the team shows the result and cool football play. By the way, the “lions” are among the top three teams along with Barcelona and Real Madrid, which has never left Primera in history.

To date, Bilbao is located immediately behind the “Valencia” in the standings. For 32 rounds the Basques were able to get 11 victories and 12 world victories while this brought 45 points, with the third indicator of the defense line in the tournament - 28 goals conceded. In the attack line “red-white” there is room for reinforcement - 36 goals scored per season. Extremely small for La Liga.

The main sniper of the team is Garcia (11 goals).

After a long break guests perform quite well - two draws with Atletico (1: 1) and Eibar (2: 2) at the start of the summer session and then a minimal defeat from Barcelona (0: 1) and two victories - over “Betis” (1: 0) and “Mallorca” (3: 1), for which we made a forecast.

According to the message from the team’s headquarters, all the players are in order, the issue on Benat’s field, which has a recurrence of a leg injury, is in question.


“Valencia” will enter the field under the guidance of a new-old mentor, who will surely make his own adjustments to the tactics and game structure, because each specialist has his own visions and strategies. “Athletic” will play on defense, in anticipation of his chance in a counterattack, but it is dangerous to play in a different way against today's hosts in their field, even in the absence of the audience.

In our opinion, teams have equal chances for success today, but nevertheless we will give preference to “orange”, for which the new leader will be an additional motivation to prove themselves on the field. We offer to play a combined bet in favor of “bats”.

Our forecast - “Valencia” will not lose + the total is less than 3.5 goals and put it on the line of BC 1xBet with a coefficient of 1.74

Our prediction - Total under 2,5

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