"Toronto" - "Boston": will the "reptiles" take revenge?


01/09/2020, at 21:30 GTM

Odds: 1.85


Note that both teams won their series 4-0. The Toronto Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76-ers.


So great "reptiles" have proven themselves after the restart of the season, although this is how the reigning NBA champion should act. The team is really on the move and ready to repeat last year's achievements.

Let us remind you that in the first round of the playoffs, Nick Ners' charges left Brooklyn no chance, as they passed the rival in four matches. The team acted as a whole and everything, in principle, went according to the plan of the head coach.

Toronto approached the quarterfinals in a good mood and was ready to deal with Boston, but got a slap in the face here. The Raptors were not ready for defeat and it was noticeable in the eyes of the players, although this evening the Celts were really stronger (94-112).

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The Celtics calmly finished the main season and fully deserved the third line in the Eastern Conference. The team acted great and stable, so they managed to achieve good results in the playoffs already at the start.

We can safely say that Boston made it to the quarterfinals easily, as Philadelphia lost all four games. No matter how hard Joel Embiid and company tried, Brad Stevens' strategies won in this battle.

The Celts did not slow down and caught Toronto by surprise already in the second round of the playoffs (112-94). The successful performance of the star trio - Jason Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown helped the team to get the extremely important victory.


The time has come for revenge, because after such a failure, Toronto is unlikely to let the opponent live in peace, especially when all leaders are in the ranks. On the other hand, “Boston” is ready for pressure from the “reptiles” and Brad Stevens is well aware of this, so he will try to come up with something again.

In our opinion, the Raptors will do their best just to level the score in the series and we assume they will succeed.

Our prediction is the victory of the Toronto Raptors, taking into account OT, at odds of 1.85 in 1xBet.

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