Roma - Inter: whom to give preference to?


19/07/2020, 19:45 GTM
Serie A

Odds: 1.71


Inter is second in the Serie A standings, 6 points behind Juventus and a point and two points ahead of Atalanta and Lazio, respectively. Roma is fighting for the fifth position, which it possesses now. The gap from Lazio is 12 points, but the advantage over Napoli and Milan is four points.


Roma was unable to spend the season steadily. Frequent mistakes and loss of points led to the fact that at the finish of the tournament the Wolves were not a contender for the Champions League, which was undoubtedly the main stake. Now the team of Paulo Fonseca is the fifth in the table, but it will not be able to rise to the fourth place, given the lag of 12 points from Lazio.

Nevertheless, in the last rounds the Romans has seriously added. After a series of vague fights, after which the chair under the Portuguese mentor swayed, Roma gave a powerful streak of three victories. In the last rounds, the victims of the "wolves" were "Parma" (2: 1), "Brescia" (3: 0) and "Verona" (2: 1), thanks to which they managed to break away from "Napoli" by four points.

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“Inter” set as its goal the championship. At least, Antonio Conte probably tried to impose a serious struggle on “Juventus”. Counting on the selection of players, if the “Nerazzurri” are inferior to the “old lady”, then not globally. However, Inter had enough strength only for the first round, after which Juventus went into the lead, practically depriving them of their chances for a scudetto.

At the moment, "Inter" managed to break into second place in the table and after the mistakes of "Juventus" the hope of the fans revived again. The team is separated by only six points. Nevertheless, "Atalanta" is also very good now and is much more stable on the distance. The Bergamasks are behind by only one point.

In the last rounds, Inter looked great, having won a strong-willed 2: 1 victory over Torino in the round before last, it successfully traveled to Ferrara. Outsider SPAL did not show any resistance. "Nonarduzrri" scored four goals and kept their gates locked, which has not happened in three games in a row.


Roma have added in the last matches and thus Fonseca managed to keep the position so far, but today the Romans will face a very difficult, but the main motivated opponent. Failures of Juventus probably revived hopes of Inter players for the Scudetto. Six points are not a serious handicap, while the “old lady” began to lose points regularly.

Inter is in excellent shape. In terms of play it looks much more powerful than Roma. Today the Nerazzurri will fight only for victory, so they definitely have a chance of success.

We believe that guests have a better chance of winning. Forecast - Asian handicap (0) at Inter. In 1xBet this outcome is offered with odds of 1.71

Our prediction - Total under 2,5

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