New York Islanders vs Philadelphia Flyers. Who will lead the series after game 3?

New York Islanders

29/08/2020, at 16:00 GTM

Odds: 2.07

Philadelphia Flyers

No matter how the third match of this confrontation ends, the fourth game will be unpredictable in terms of its winner. If the "Isles" break out in the series, the "pilots" can gather their will into a fist and regain balance, as it was already a couple of days ago. And if Philadelphia leads 2-1, then New Yorkers will simply have to show their maximum so as not to be on the edge of the abyss.

New York Islanders

If you remember, when writing the forecast for the first match, we noted that the distinguishing feature of the New York Islanders team's play is the maximum removal of attention to the defense. In the first match, this strategy worked for 100%.

True, there was a very unusual super-activity of the Islanders in the first period (shots on target 15:4 in its favor) and Philadelphia were very lucky that Hart pulled a lot, otherwise everything ended much worse than in the first 20 minutes.

In the second period, the situation has changed dramatically. Shots on target at 7:15 in favor of the pilots, but Varlamov defended perfectly within the Islanders goal. In the first half of the third period, the Islanders succeeded in 2 more sharp counterattacks.Philadelphia, hoping to save the match, changed the goalkeeper on the sixth field already in the 52-nd minute, but immediately got the puck into the “empty net” - 4:0 and "Pilots" calm down.

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Philadelphia Flyers

In the second match, the Islanders gave the initiative to the Philadelphia Flyers almost from the first minute, but then they paid for it. In the first period Griss was in the frame and he seemed not as reliable as Varlamov. In 15 minutes 9 seconds Griss managed to miss 3 goals and 2 of them are clearly not mandatory. He was replaced by Varlamov, who no longer missed until the end of the regular time.

In the second period there was an even play on the court. Philadelphia relieved the pressure, considering that the game was done. In the middle of the period, "Islanders" showed the "pilots" the class for the implementation of the majority, reducing the score to 3:1.

But in the 3-rd period, the story of the 1-st period of the first match was repeated. The Islanders transformed, inflated them to the maximum ceiling and practically squeezed Philadelphia in its zone. 8:15 am on shots on target in favor of the Islanders and, as a result, 2 more goals scored against the flyers and 3:3 in regulation time. True, in the end, victory went to “Philadelphia”. Already in the 3-rd minute of the over, Myers printed Varlamov, who had previously reflected 52 shots on target from the side.


After two matches in the series, we have equality. On the eve of "Philadelphia" won in overtime, having come up with an adventure out of the blue. They was leading with a score of 3:0 and then sat down, pressed against the goal and almost lost. They will have to play for the second day in a row and the "islanders" have repeatedly proved that they are perfectly prepared physically. Let's take P1 with zero handicap at 2.07.

Stake: Islanders win with zero handicap in 2.07.

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