Miami vs Lakers: are the lights capable of another sensation? Prediction |


07/10/2020, at 01:00 GMT

Odds: 1.83


The Lakers have won four wins in their last five personal matches. During the playoffs the Lakes lost only four times. In the playoffs Miami averaged 113 points per game. At the moment Frank Vogel's team is leading in a 2:1 series.


It took Eric Spoelstra six years to rebuild a wonderful team and reach the final stage of the NBA. There was a period of decline, although the team endured and is now one of the leaders of the league.

The Lights showed remarkable play at the start of the playoffs, when they dealt with Indiana (4:0), then the club sensationally knocked Milwaukee out of the fight (4:1) and in the East final put Boston in their place (4:2).

The Miami players were well aware that there was a serious battle for gold medals ahead against the motivated LeBron James and company. The “Heatters” started having problems, as they not only lost twice, but also lost Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo.

The Heat's lifeline was Jimmy Butler's game in the third match of the series, when the star forward scored a triple-double of 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 fart. Tyler Hirrow and Kelly Olynyk have 17 points each. In a word, the guys of Eric Spoelstra turned the tide of events and closed the gap with the "Lake" (115:104).

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Frank Vogel's team lives up to the expectations of their fans, who have waited ten years to see their idols again in the NBA Finals. Of course, now everyone is expecting gold rings from them.

The Lakers set the bar high for themselves and their opponents from the very beginning of the playoffs, which helped to pass Portland (4:1), deal with Houston (4:1) and in the last series to fight Denver (4:1). In all these confrontations, the star bunch of LeBron James and Anthony Davis played a key role.

The team from Los Angeles started the final stage very aggressively, as in the first meeting they defeated the rival (116:98) and in the next meeting they beat the Heat (124:114), although they failed to continue the victorious procession.

The Lakes were not ready for such pressure from Miami and even more so from the game of Jimmy Butler, with whom the defense of the favorite failed. "Lights" have kept their intrigue, so all the fun is ahead.


In the fourth match of the series, the Lakers are again the favorite, the team understands perfectly well that the opponent should not be given a chance, because in case of defeat, the “lights” will level the score and they will have to start all over again, therefore problems may begin.

“Miami” felt the taste of victory and are unlikely to stop there. Although the performance of Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic is questionable, but as the last meeting showed, there is no need to anger Jimmy Butler, who alone made the defense of the “lakes”. In a word, we expect that the Heat players will show themselves in the attack again and offer a bet on their individual total.

Our prediction - individual Miami Heat total over 105 points for 1.83 odds in 1xBet

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