"Denver" - "Utah": will the "nuggets" keep the intrigue in the series?


25/08/2020, 22:30 GTM

Odds: 2.34


Teams like to tinker with the ball, stretch the opponent's defense, run into the vacated zones and make a result. Utah, unlike Denver, can switch to long-range throws. Jazz has guys who practice this element and the implementation will decide everything.


Before the start of the first round of the playoffs, Denver were the favorite in the series against Utah, but something clearly went wrong. The team faced serious difficulties, because already at the start the victory was given very hard.

The Nuggets beat the jazzmen only in overtime (135-125) and then the defeats began. The club was never able to upset the rival, although it managed to upset its fans, because it lost three matches in a row.

The "nuggets" need to save the situation, especially in case of failure, Michael Malone's charges will automatically end the season, so you can imagine with what attitude Nikola Jokic and company will go to the match.

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"Jazz" showed themselves in their inherent style, as the team play came to the fore again. After the annoying defeat in overtime (125-135), the impression was that the club would fall apart and give the initiative to the opponent, but that was not the case.

Utah picked up steam and left Denver with nothing three times. Donovan Mitchell's fantastic actions did not go unnoticed, since without his leadership qualities the team would hardly be leading in the series now.

Queen Snyder's charges are already in the quarterfinals with almost one foot, but first they will have to work hard to deal with the Nuggets for the fourth time.


Whatever one may say, but a team of the level of "Denver" is unlikely to give up so easily. Michael Malone's charges are well aware that they have only one chance to stay in the game, so they have to go all-in.

Utah took advantage of the opponent's problems, but the moment has come when the Nuggets will press with all their might and there is a possibility that the jazzmen will not resist.

Our prediction is the victory of the Denver Nuggets, taking into account OT for the odds of 2.34 in BC 1xBet

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