Rugby Betting Tips

Bookmakers offer four major types of Rugby betting, and like most team sports, it includes the Full Time/Half Time, the Over/Under bet, and Handicap.

Understanding Winner Bet, Half Time Full Time Bet

Winner Bet is a simple type of betting on rugby, because a bettor only needs to guess which team will win the game. Half Time Full Time Bet is about betting on which team will win the first thirty minutes, and the eventual winner of the game.

Understanding Over Under Betting to Increase Chances of Winning

In Over Under Bet in Rugby betting, it does not matter what team win the game, but what matters if the total score of both teams reach a pre-determined number of points set by the bookies. If the bookies set the number of points at 45.5 and the match finished with a 25-21 scoreline, which would mean those who bet for over 45.5 will win because the total score will be 46.

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Learning Handicap Betting that will Help you in Betting Needs

Handicap Betting in rugby betting is used to level the playing field between teams. Usually, it means that a handicap will be given to a team to reduce its chances of winning the game. To answer the question how to bet on rugby for this type of bet, for example, a world rugby powerhouse like Australia face a young team like the Philippines, the Australians will be given a handicap, and that handicap will be subtracted to their final score. In the example match, if bookies gave Australia a 12.5 handicap, and they won their match against the Philippines 31-20, those who bet for Australia will lose their money. Because of the handicap, Australia’s 31 points will be 8.5 and will be lesser than the Philippines’ 20.

Understanding Outright Betting that will help in Placing Bet

Outright Betting is becoming known to punters these days where the betting style is that instead of betting on a single game, you are betting on the outcome of an entire season, which has numerous advantages as you will find out later. In major tournaments like rugby, bookies offer outright bet/season winner bet, which means punters need to guess who will become the rugby tournament’s eventual champion.

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